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Moms for Adoption - Fancy and Nancy
Monday, 06 September 2010

Through August 2010, we have rescued 225 kittens... and 18 momma cats. Eighty-seven of the kittens and 12 mommas are still available for adoption. Please check out these pretty mother cats that are ready for their forever homes!


Double feature this month: pretty siamese mixes Fancy and Nancy.


Fancy is about 18 months old. She was rescued from animal services with her eight kittens. Seven have found forever homes, leaving Fancy and little Ford behind.


She has been a great mom and eight kittens were a handful. Fancy is a sweet, affectionate girl who responds to a soft word or a gentle touch. She will fill your home with love and sunshine if you give her a chance.


Nancy is also about 18 months old, rescued from the same shelter with two kittens. Both her little ones have gone to forever homes, so it is her turn to find that perfect spot.


Nancy loves sitting on a lap, having a gentle cuddle, playing her favorite games and perching on a shelf to watch the world go by.


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