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Robbie's Story: Miracles Happen Because of Our Guardian Angels and Foster Parents
Wednesday, 07 March 2012

It is the HSDC's charter to be a true "no-kill" shelter, regardless of the medical conditions an animal may present when it comes our way. Many animals with long-term and complicated health conditions end up staying in our shelter for most of their lives. But it is always our hope to nurse each animal back to its best possible health condition, and find an appropriate adopter for that animal.


Many of our volunteers and visitors may remember one of our saddest cases of a cat with chronic health issues--that of little Robbie. Robbie was found with red, irritated skin, open sores and patches of hair missing around his ears, neck and tail. His eyes were cloudy due to an undiagnosed eye condition. It was clear that he was miserable, constantly scratching and grooming himself until his skin was bloody.


HSDC took Robbie to a number of veterinarians, but none were able to diagnose the cause of Robbie's chronic itchiness. So despite his less-than-ideal appearance, we continued to care and love Robbie, and entered him into our guardian angel program--hoping to find someone willing to fund the many veterinarians we were seeing to try to find a diagnosis for his condition.


In December of 2011, Robbie was taken to a vet dermatologist, where he was diagnosed with a food allergy and with inadequate tear production. He also had a couple of ear infections. Finally on the appropriate medicines, but confined to the sick bay room at the shelter due to his special diet---it was imperative that we find a foster home for Robbie so he could be monitored on his special diet, receive his meds and be in a less stressful environment. One of our volunteers who had taken special interest in Robbie recommended a friend of hers, Steve, to become Robbie's foster dad. Steve had recently retired from the IRS and was a cat lover. Steve met Robbie, immediately felt a bond with him, and took him home in January of 2012 to help nurse him back to health.


After two months of vet appointments, special feedings and extra care, Robbie has done a complete health turnaround. As he has continued to feel better on the proper diet and with his ear infections now gone, Robbie has truly blossomed into a handsome and "normal" cat. Instead of being depressed and constantly scratching himself, Robbie's skin sores are completely gone and he now spends his time playing or sitting on the back of his foster dad's couch. It has been a remarkable turnaround for the cat we were not sure we could help at first, but felt determined to try our best. Robbie is now fit and ready to find his forever family.


If you are interested in adopting Robbie, becoming a guardian angel or becoming a foster parent to any of the other sanctuary cats we have with special health needs, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit the relevant sections on our website.


This is how Robbie looked when we first got him.


And this is a video of Robbie after treatment and care, playing happily:



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