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Updates on Hildie and Mockingbird Mom
Monday, 30 July 2012
Update on Hildie


Hildie arrived a really sad, sorrowful little bundle of no fur. She was so miserable that she just sank into a soft bed and looked pathetic.


We found she was microchipped, but backtracked the number to Houston where we lost the trail, so we are unsure whether some sad owner has lost this little darling or someone just left her behind when they moved.


Vet determines she is probably 8 years old. New exams and tests show no serious underlying problems, but really severe skin abrasions from allergies and exposure.


She is being housed indoors and seems happy with her little condo. Each day a little more sparkle shows in her eyes. If you visit her at the shelter, don't be surprised if she has a purple hue! This is part of her treatment.


We have a foster mom standing by, but staff wanted to treat and observe her for at least a week to be sure she is on the mend.


We thank everyone for their concern about this sweet little girl. We are getting her ready for her debut and that search for her forever home.



Update on Mockingbird Mom


The DuckTeam6 rescue volunteers have been out in force to help this family in distress. First success was Sam. Next was three more puppies, currently in foster care. For the big happy ending, fingers crossed for trapping mom. They have noted her leg is injured but cannot get close enough to evaluate the injury.


A nearby resident says she has been there for more than a year, and walks him to the bus at 4:30 every morning and then goes back to her spot. The sweet girl needs a second chance. Anyone out there with a yard and a spot for this very loyal girl?


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