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Mom Cats of Dog and Kitty City
Thursday, 01 May 2014

Just in time for Mother's Day, we're highlighting all the great mother cats awaiting adoption at Dog & Kitty City/HSDC. All of these furry moms arrived at our shelter doorstep with a litter of babies and some of them even did double duty nursing abandoned kittens that may have arrived as stragglers. These lovely spayed Moms are available for a special adoption fee of $50 during the month of May. We're located at 2719 Manor Way, Dallas, TX 75235. Shelter hours are 11:45 AM - 5 PM. Closed Tuesdays and holidays. Phone: 214-350-7387. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Buttercup was living under a trailer with her 3 kittens, trying to protect them from the elements and predators, when a kind human took her in and brought her to us. As you can see, she is gorgeous, with a personality to match her good looks. She loves her kids, but loves people too. Will play and romp or settle in for a snuggle with you.


Cleo arrived at our shelter in May 2008 as a one year old with her litter of newborns. She is a bob-tail, a little shy and will dart away if you approach her too fast. Once she gets to know you, she loves her strokes and will sit and purr all the while.


Cute fluffy Alondra is just over a year old. She's a long hair tabby mix and couldn't be a sweeter mom. She is always ready to cuddle and take a nap on the first blanket she can find.


Astra is a staff favorite! She's a black and white shorthair who is 3 years old. She's slightly round, which just adds to her allure. She purrs every time someone pets her.


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Carina is such a pretty petite mom cat. She's a black/gray tabby who is 2 years old. Just look at those pretty eyes and you'll fall for her quickly.


Chantal was born in May 2011 and was left at our gate with her kittens. She is a beautiful young cat with a soft coat, an enchanting face and stunning eyes that smile at you in appreciation for pets and affection. She is shy at first but warms quickly when she knows you are a friend. She is very sweet and easy to please.


Copper is a friendly, inquisitive girl with a face that will melt your heart. She loves affection and spending quality time with her human friends at the shelter. Copper will make a wonderful addition to any animal lover's home.


Danelle was found running at large with her little brood of kittens. This little beauty has a feisty spirit, but a great big loving heart. She will entertain you with affection and playfulness, if you just give her a chance.


Darlene is 2 years old. She loves to play, nap time and meet new people. She is a calm and quiet cat who will make as wonderful a companion.


Elizabeth is a sweet buff calico mix. She came to our shelter with 3 kittens and was a wonderful mother who loved to play with her babies. She is a shy, sweet and affectionate girl. When she wants to be petted, she will meow and rub against your legs until she has your full attention and gets the pets she so much deserves. She is currently in a foster home and will need to be scheduled for a visit, if you'd like to meet her.


Faye is a cute, sweet black tuxedo girl. This pretty girl will steal your heart when you meet her. She is a playful girl who loves a game of cat and mouse.


Flower was rescued from a kill shelter with her 3 kittens. She is a gentle soul who enjoys interacting with humans and other animals. She is joyful and playful, lovable and sweet. She will fill your home with joy, if you give her a chance.


Glenda joined us in 2010 and is a beautiful gray and white short hair. She's a sweetheart, who's just looking for a family to love her.


Heaven was rescued from a kill shelter. This 5 year old is a sweet girl, quiet and gentle, and likes nothing more than a gentle touch and a cozy spot to snuggle with a family. Heaven will definitely put a smile on your face.


Two year old Hildy was rescued from a kill shelter with her four kittens, Hermes, Hailey, Heather and Hero. They were too little to go into an adoption program so they needed help quickly. Hildy was a great mom and nurtured her little family until they were big enough to be adopted. All of the kittens were adopted in December, but now Hildy is ready to find her forever home. She is a gentle soul with fabulous mackerel markings ... so pretty.


Karolyn, a 5 year old black/gray tabby, is sweet, sweet, sweet. She has lots of love to give and is still interested in playing if given the chance.


Leo is ready to steal your heart and share a special cuddle, a new toy, or a lap. She was rescued in East Texas and brought to us for a second chance. Come by and meet her.


Morgan is a 5 year old brown tabby with gorgeous green eyes and loving personality. She's just looking for a lap to enjoy and to call her own.


Pretty Nellie, along with her kittens, came from a kill shelter. She is goofy and playful. Nellie will put a smile on your face and make your home a happier place!


Oceana is a cute buff tabby. She is sweet and always very playful. If you have a string or a play mouse, she's always interested to join in the fun. Come by and meet her and give her a chance.


Sweet Ophelia was in a family way and found herself at animal services with four babies. Not a great start for their little lives. She is a beautiful tuxedo cat with long white stockings on her hind legs and spats on her front feet. Ophelia has a calm demeanor, and she will make someone a loving companion.


Nana is slightly shy and extremely loving. She was an abandoned mom with lovely babies. Won't you consider giving her a chance?


2719 Manor Way, Dallas, TX 75235 | txt 214-350-7387 | Open daily 11:45 AM - 5 PM. Closed first Tuesday of the month and holidays.