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Max and Rosy
Monday, 07 December 2015

We couldn't be happier with our two little kittens! I don't remember which was Neki and which was Neeti, but we renamed the black-furred boy Max and the tabby girl is Rosy. We took both for the shots they needed back in September, and had them spayed/neutered the second week of October.


They are both happy and very affectionate (especially Max of late). They enjoy being picked up and held, and often fall asleep on our laps in the evenings. Of course as kittens they have lots of energy and everything is a toy, so we are glad to have two kittens as they often tumble around and rough-house with each other. Finally, as siblings, they are very close to each other. They help each other with cleaning and are always cuddled together when sleeping.


- Family: Dan

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Jamie (who we have renamed Hermione) is doing well and has made herself at home very quickly. The first day she was a little hesitant to her new surroundings, but by day two she had already claimed a napping spot and a blanket. She loves to snuggle with us when she's sleepy and loves the affection from us. She is not afraid to curl up in one of our laps. She purrs like crazy all the time and it makes both of us smile. We have a hard time leaving her for work in the morning, but love that she perks up and comes to us when we arrive home.

She is very playful, we play everyday and the picture I have attached has her favorite toy in it. Now that she has learned the house she will run through it and loves exploring her new surroundings. She is already spoiled rotten, as I have purchased a new toy almost every other day for her. But we are happy to spoil her.


We did recently take her to the vet for a check up and they gave her clean bill of health. She also received a bath at the house, which she didn't very much like, but she appeared to like being wrapped up in the towel and snuggling with me afterwards. And she got a few treats for being so good too.


She is definitely part of the family now and fits in perfectly!


Thank you for all of your help in getting our new addition to the clan.


- Family: Brittani

Monday, 21 September 2015

[Clover] is doing great. We love her and she is very spoiled. She showed us how compassionate she was recently when my daughter was crying. She kept coming close to her and calmed her by forcing my daughter to pet her. We call her Catya. :)


- Family: Courtney

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kermit is doing very well, thank you. We have renamed him Kojima after our favorite videogame designer.


He is a tiny fluffy ball of energy and love and gets along well with our other two furry friends. He has a massive appetite and will eat just about anything and loves to try to steal food off of our plates when he thinks we're not looking.


When he's not playing or teasing the adult animals he's trying to find the cuddliest spot as close to a person's face as he can get. He really is just the sweetest kitten we've ever known.


Hope all is well at DNKC!


- Family: Gillian, Derek, Conan, Vito, and Kojima

Patches and Misty
Monday, 10 August 2015

Milky Way and Marlow, now Patches and Misty, are doing great. They eat approx 4 to 6 cans of food a day. Patches eats mostly dry food and a little canned food. Misty refuses to eat dry food, but is doing great on lots of canned food. As of today, Patches weighs 7lb 13.5oz and Misty weighs 7lb 14.8oz. See attached pictures.


I built the play/climbing area for them. They can get from the floor to the top in about 1 millisecond.


Thanks for allowing me to adopt them.


- Family: John

Bonnie, Ru, and Squash One Year Later
Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My previous update on Bonnie and her sons Ru and Squash can be read here: /adoption-stories/607-bonnie-baby-arugula-and-baby-squash.html


During the year (and some) they have been with us, the family of three have made themselves completely at home. We discovered they are Norwegian Forest Cat mixes (check out the resemblance!), which would explain their huge sizes, their winter coats, their passion for water, and their affinity to snow and ice.


The three have become fully comfortable with each other and our other cats, who have no problem sharing company and even food with them. The three take part enthusiastically in our home projects, and are always where the action is. They love their custom-made covered yard, which we keep improving on. The yard is now full of catnip and lemongrass patches, and their bushes (all cat-friendly plants) are also growing and blooming. Besides the gym platforms, they now have a "chatlet" -- a cat cabin made from a dog house furnished with cat shelves -- that they use in winter.


Bonnie is independent and content, and likes to spend a lot of her time outside, lounging in the sun or hunting crickets. She peppers that with coming inside for naps, snacks, and the five minutes of human attention she needs per day. In winter, she grew a splendid second coat that made her look like a fluffy ball and is now strewn all over the carpets.


Squash is very friendly and sweet, and has achieved the miracle of being liked by all the other cats. He's gone from being the runt of the litter to being the second biggest cat in the house (after our Siberian, who cannot be dethroned). He can usually be found purring happily in some place he considers comfy, whether it's the yard, a human lap, or by his brother as they fight and/or cuddle.


Ru is still a troublemaking kitten, even if he can barely fit inside paper bags now. He always challenges his brother to climbing, chewing on each other's faces, or thundering from one end of the house to the other in less than five seconds. They make quick work of anything holding water that they come across. They just love water. With everything he's got going on, Ru still makes time to nap on a human--preferably a busy one.


We're sending 25 photos because we couldn't send the hundreds we have. We are very happy to have this fun and funny family in our home. Thank you for introducing them to us!


- Family: Cristina and Gabriel

Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Fiona (formerly Annie) is doing GREAT since moving to Frisco! From day one, Fifi has loved to play hard and gets lots of love from our two daughters. She is just a wonderful addition to our family. She is a great sport when Emma wants to play baby, as shown in the picture. She has become more curious than ever. Fifi loves to look out the window and growl at the birds. She thinks if she is sneaky enough she will get out there to catch one. :) She has also learned to play fetch! Such a funny sight to see! Toes have been another new favorite toy. Thanks again for allowing her to be part of our family! We love her!


- Family: Kara

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Leona is doing amazingly well! She bounced back really quickly after the surgery, and she does the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen a cat do. When she wants you to pet her, she simply falls from a straight standing position on top of your feet and looks at you longingly.


She is still getting along famously with her kitty brother, Zinc! They romp and play all day. Jolene, her puppy sister, is absolutely smitten with her. She always wants to know where Leona is and what she is doing. Jolene has never put up with another critter trying to eat her food (not aggressive, just barky), but when Leona tries to sneak a few pieces, she just watches her. It's hilarious!


I've attached a current picture of her! She is pretty sure that sinks were made perfectly for her rest! We love her so much!


Thanks again!!!


- Family: Christina

Ox -- One Year Later
Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Some cute photos of Ox with his new family. Another happy adoption story!


- Family: Laurence

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Pictures of Snow. We named him Noah and he is so sweet.


- Family: Chris

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