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Celebrating Kitty Adoption Day with Freya
Friday, 05 December 2014

Hi! One year ago I adopted this amazingly sweet fur ball from the Dallas humane society. She was originally Hattie, but now goes by Freya. I never thought I'd be a cat owner, but fell in love as soon as I met her. She instantly made herself right at home. She is the friendliest, most cuddly cat. I can't imagine not having her around. Thanks for all that you do and helping these animals find loving homes.


- Family: Kelly

Sophie and Mack
Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mack and Sophie are in their teen years and were adopted from DKC about 6 years ago. They were already older dogs when they were adopted. We are happy to see them.

Little Toby
Sunday, 16 November 2014

I just wanted to let everyone know that on Thursday, I filled out Toby's paperwork to officially adopt him! I still owe the shelter a check (forgot to bring one!), but other than that, he is official! I will keep his name as he is very familiar with it, and I believe it suits him well!


He went to camp for a night on Friday while I was in Vegas. He stayed with Penny at Barkinghound Village. They knew to be real careful with him and go slow. It took some time for him to warm up to the employees, but they were able to pick him up and take a picture of him which I saw on Facebook. The employees at Barkinghound Village are great, and my mind was at ease knowing he was in good hands for the night. I picked him up yesterday and he seemed fine (maybe a little tired!). I think in a few months he will be settled right in to our daily routine.


Attached is a picture of Toby showing his more artistic side. I figured you all would enjoy it!


- Family: Myranda

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Here are a few pics of the brothers :). Indy (formerly known as Pepper) knows sit and is learning his other doggy manners quickly. His older brother Fargo is being very patient with him and even if he wouldn't admit it, I'm pretty sure he's enjoying the canine companion :). Indy has warmed up to Ken, I, and the apartment and seems to feel right at home.


Thank you all again for everything!




- Family: Ken, Sarah, and Fargo

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I wanted to share “just a few” photos of Lexi [formerly Ellie] and fill you in on how she’s doing…. :)


When she first got to our house [3 months old] she was a little scared and hid behind the cushion of the couch. But, with the help of a laser, in no time she was laying on me, putting her face as close to mine as she could. Since then, every night she sleeps either next to me or on top of me.


She loves to play ~ if there’s a basket or a bowl she can fit in ~ she’s laying in it.


She loves jumping on the bed and hiding in the “fort” I made her from the pillows. She also loves running up and down the hall, sliding on the towel in front of her litter box. But above all, she loves, loves, loves playing with one of my pony tail holders on top of my see through scales.


The last photo with the pumpkins was after her procedure [this past Tuesday]. Once the medicine wore off she was back to being the sweet, precious little love bug that she is.


Rest assured, this angel is loved.


- Family: Kim

Bugsy and Buster
Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mark and I absolutely LOVE Bugsy [formerly Bug] and Buster [formerly Karma]! They are the cutest, sweetest kitties ever. Bugsy has really grown into a fine little man that can keep up with the crazy Buster. They play together and chase each other all the time. Bugsy is usually the instigator. He also loves to sleep in Mark’s lap. I have not been home much because of work and I’m hoping that now my schedule will be normal again that he starts sleeping on my lap. Now Buster . . . hmm what can I say about Buster except he is one crazy kitty. He goes wild about moist cat food. To the point he shrills (which then Bugsy joins in) and climbs/scratches whatever or whoever is in his way to the food. It’s a two-person job to feed them moist cat food. But we love him and don’t mind the chaos. He is also very sweet and loving. He loves to sleep on Mark’s chest. You should see when both of them on Mark at the same time . . . it’s really cute (wish I had a picture of that – when I do I will email you).


I wanted you to know that they are healthy, happy and much loved and are doing great.


Thanks for all your help with our adopting the best kitties ever!!


- Family: Andrea and Mark

Message from Patches
Thursday, 09 October 2014

Hi. My name is Patches. I moved from Dog and Kitty City to my new home on Aug. 22. I am a Dilute Calico, am a very very sweet female, drink my water from a water faucet in the bathroom, love to be petted, am very patient, declawed, 4 years old, and am very happy to be in my new home. My big fear is other cats, so I have to be the only cat in my new home. I don't know anything about dogs, but probably I'm afraid of them as well.


I came from a shelter that had over 100 cats running freely. We did not have cages. Being so afraid of cats, I hoped for a home where I would be the only cat. When my Mom came to look at all of us, well, she thinks she chose me, but actually, I chose her.


I went to the vet today and came home with a "perfectly healthy cat" report, and I'm very pleased. So now....on with the rest of my happy and love-filled life.




- Family: Judy

Little Toby
Thursday, 09 October 2014

I wanted to follow up with you about Toby. It has been about a week or so and the Little Guy has been doing great. He has already learned a quiet few commands and is a lot better at walking on a leash. He knows to sit and stay before a walk, after a walk and before he is fed. He has gotten on a good routine and we go for walks at least 3 times a day. I've had no accidents with him and he's made good friends with my friend's dog. As such we have doggy dates regularly now (3 already). I've enjoyed finding places to take him and he is so social that he makes friends everywhere. He is learning to come and has gotten a lot better at knowing his name. This all takes time and he improves daily.


So far Toby has taken over my couch, fallen in love with Mutts and seems to enjoy the Katy Trail. I've learned that Toby loves to play with dogs of all sizes but seems to prefer bigger dogs, as such, when we go to Mutts he plays in the big park. I am utterly convinced that he thinks he is a bigger dog than he is. I've attached a few photos from this past week. You will be happy to know that Toby starts at Doggy Day Car tomorrow following his interview. I took him to Metro Paws yesterday and everything is looking great.




- Family: Joy

Colonel Bradley Duke
Thursday, 09 October 2014

Hello there!


We are so blessed and honored to be able to share our home with Colonel (formerly Bradley). He's been an absolute delight and has made friends everywhere he goes!


We've had some potty training issues, but he's really coming along. He's sleeping through the night and recognizes us and his new name. He's got a dog walker and one of our friends who's a nurse who works three days a week who brings her dog over for play time. We're also taking him to puppy daycare a few times a month; he's a hit with all the employees!


We love Colonel oh so very much and are so grateful to the shelter for making this possible!




- Family: Austin and Meg

Thursday, 09 October 2014

Waldo formally Aldo is doing GREAT. Maybe the sweetest pup we have ever have the privilege of sharing our lives with, although Shawnee, now Goldie (we adopted from your organization), might disagree. Both Waldo and Goldie are a big part of our family.


Take care,


- Family: Steve

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