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Charlie Loves His Red Laser
Monday, 26 August 2013

Charlie is doing great and he is the best dog. We have not had any issues. He still loves his toys and really gets along with the cat...they are best buddies. I am happy to say that he gained needed muscle weight and is very strong. We take him to doggie daycare about 2 times a week and he loves it. I cannot believe it has only been 6 months. We love him so much and so happy that he became our baby. Charlie has traveled well also and has been quite the outdoor activity dog despite his small size.


I am sending you pictures [gallery above] and a small video: Charlie loves his red laser!


All over great news. Take care and thanks for the work you and your volunteers do!


- Family: Jennifer

Alfee's Car-Stopping Cuteness
Monday, 26 August 2013

Alfee settled in pretty quickly, and we continue to make adjustments as we go. Bill has been particularly intuitive with the nervous little guy. For instance, after a month here, Alfee was still having accidents in the house until Bill suggested we move his bed to the hall outside our bedroom where he can be near us (he's never wanted to sleep with us, although he gets up in bed with us all the time in the morning, or during big storms at night) and the accidents stopped completely! He adores Bill, as you can see from the picture.


Alfee and I walk early every morning and he loves it. He is so cute that people literally stop in their cars to comment on him, and when people ask where we got him, we always tell them about DNKC and what a great job you all do there.


He seems to be very attached to us and his new home and barks at anyone that comes over-a few people he has gotten to know and is ok with. We still have to greet him only verbally when we return home or he will pee. Things like that we have adjusted to. He is more used to our coming and going. He is established at Dr. Carroll's clinic and Natalie always remembers Alfee.


Alfee spent almost a week with my sister and her husband and two dogs, Atticus and Scout, and he loves his new cousins. They live a couple of miles away and we go for visits.


Thank you for checking on Alfee. He seems to be very happy here.


- Family: Dena and Bill

Monday, 26 August 2013

Just a quick update. Beau [formerly Rufus] has already settled into the house. He’s a wonderful dog, full of love and life. Everyone is adjusting nicely. Beau still has some puppy left in him so we are having to be patient with him at times. But, he is really smart and is learning quickly. He and Gracy get along fine but I can tell Gracy is still trying to decide how she feels about having a new little brother. *smile*


- Family: Douglas

Chico Is Adorable
Monday, 26 August 2013

I just got back from walking Chico, and he is doing very well. When we are at my mom's, he gets along just fine with the beagles. Truly, he doesn't really pay much attention to other dogs at all. We take him up to the dog park, but he either sits by humans or barks at other dogs. We are trying a spray bottle for when he does that since I hope we can lessen that occasional aggression. Otherwise, he is just the best dog we could hope to have! When he hears our alarm go off in the morning, he jumps up and runs in the room. Pretty adorable.


- Family: Erin

Wednesday, 07 August 2013

He's doing very well. He's on a regular schedule. He's snuck an accident here and there but only when he was holding it for a while. He goes to the office every Friday and has become everyone's favorite up there. He has a dog walker the other days of the week. I love the little guy dearly and he's doing great!


- Family: Luis

Adele Is Now Fancy
Wednesday, 07 August 2013

Adele was adopted on July 20. We think the pictures say it all. All her new owner said was, "She is so happy! And LOVES to sleep!"


- Family: Someone Kind

Wednesday, 07 August 2013

Winston is the best companion we could have asked for. He is the most lovable and energetic dog...ever! He likes to cuddle with us at night and is getting along just fine with our cat, Karl. He loves to play fetch outside and have doggy play dates. We can't imagine our lives without him! We brought him to the Adopt-A-Pet event a few weeks ago so he could say hi to a few old friends as well.


I've attached a few pictures of him - you can see just how happy he is!


- Family: Megan

Patches Is Doing Great
Monday, 29 July 2013

Patches [formerly Simon] is doing great, loving life and being spoiled (pics attached!). We finally found out what the main issue was and you were right: he has Demodectic Mange. All of the issues we’ve had so far:

  • Allergies -- Allergies are forever but he’s on Benadryl twice a day and I take him for an injection (cant remember what its called) if it gets too bad
  • Worms -- This was cured with the injection/medication
  • Blade of grass stuck in his foot so we had to have a tiny procedure to get it out. -- It was lodged between his toes and they had to fetch it out since it wouldn’t come out on its own. The hard tops of wheat grass is what it is, we don’t have anything like that around here so he’s had it for quite some time now, poor guy! He is feeling much better now that it’s out.
  • Low Thyroid -- He takes a Thyroid pill twice daily
  • Separation anxiety -- I work from home now and he basically sleeps next to me all day and LOVES car rides so I take him to the dog park and my family’s house often. He gets along well with kids as well as any other dog.
  • Mange -- This will be a lifetime issue unfortunately. I give him natural treatments and so far, the results have been great! After the next two doses, we should be at a comfortable level that I’ll only have to give him treatments once every couple of months when the mites come back.
  • Hatred for crates -- He has beds all over the apartment. One in my car, one next to my work area and a HUGE one he sleeps in. I bought the big one from Costco and truly didn’t realize how big it is LOL.


He is my little money pit but I wouldn’t trade him for any other animal. He is loving, loyal, very happy and the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning.


I hope you enjoyed this update, I’ll send another one in a few months. Once we get the mange under control, he’ll be able to have longer hair. I keep it short now so the product (Mite Avenge from Happy Dog Naturals is the product) can get to his skin. I don’t use the chemical dips because of what’s in them and this is working just as good!




- Family: Tiffany

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hello everyone! We just thought you would like to know how Joey was doing since his adoption. (Y'all knew him as Yosef.) As you can see from the pictures below, he has become a very important part of our family!! He "helps" John in his home office along with his best buddy Murphy (our Golden). He is still the sweetest cat and we have loved him from the 1st second we brought him home. Thank you all for what you do!!


- Family: John and Amy

Winston's First Truck Ride
Friday, 28 June 2013

Winston is in his forever home now and enjoying life with us. We are so happy to have him home!


We've introduced Karl the cat and Winston and so far, so good. I think it's going to take some getting used to but they seem to like each other!


Thanks again for letting Winston into our lives.


- Family: Megan

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