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Kellary Doing Great
Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kellary has been with us for a month now and is really getting the hang of life away from the shelter. He and Sophie love to play, he likes to ride in the car and play ball. His check-up at the vet went well and now he goes into his crate before bed on his own with no coaxing - he does not bark while in there - which probably shocks the AAP team. He will be going to intermediate obedience training the end of this week or next and after successfully completing that will start with agility training. We are leaning toward flyball for him!!


Attached are pictures from our visit to PetsMart this past Saturday.


Kellary is a great little guy and we love him to death.


- Family: Martina and Patty

Garth Is Settling In
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I wanted to let you know that Garth is settling in GREAT! He loves his crate! He is quickly adjusting to the housebreaking and is a very smart little puppy. We have only had two small accidents and it was only because I did not follow him to the door quick enough. He has quickly learned "sit" and "lay down".


Katie and I wasted no time and made sure that he got in to the vet last Friday. The doctor said he has a sinus infection or possibly a bacterial infection of some sort. She placed him on clavamox that we are mixing into his food every 12 hours. FYI - the vet does not think that he will get much bigger than 20lbs.


I attached a photo of Garth from last Thursday. He decided to pass out next to my office chair while I worked from home - thought it was too cute not to share.


- Family: Jake and Katie

Ryder Looking Back on Petsmart
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ryder is doing well! Look how big he is getting!


- Family: Susan and Darrell

Jackson and Betsy with a New Toy
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

These pictures are from last night... They got a new toy which had approximately a 4 minute life span.


- Family: Lindsay

Scout Is Loving Life
Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scout is loving life right now! Loves the backyard and sleeping on our couch!


We will need to start obedience training soon, he is getting pretty comfortable now and trying to get food off the table/counter and jumping a little more from excitement. We are taking him for trips in the car as much as we can in the mornings. Going to Home Depot, Petsmart and dropping the kids off to school so he can get accustomed to riding in cars.


Just wanted to share a few photos!


- Family: Traci

Franny--Everything They Wanted and Then Some
Sunday, 29 May 2011

I know you talked to my wife briefly on the phone since we adopted Artsy, but I also wanted to say thank you for helping us to bring a new member into our family. We have renamed her "Franny" and she is just a wonderful little companion. She and our 15+ year old Japanese Bobtail tomcat "Mr. Lou" are getting along just fine. He seems to enjoy watching her antics, and she seems to enjoy having another feline around.


She seemed happy to be with us from the beginning, but it's only been in the past few days that we have seen her completely relax and fully realize that this her new home, and her little personality has fully blossomed. In the mornings she loves to dash around and play with her toys (she is very kittenish) and then by the evenings after she has her Friskies she is ready to lie in Elizabeth's lap and cuddle. Our boy cat lies on our big ottoman in the living room between Liz and me while we watch TV, and Franny will lie on the couch or on Liz's lap just two feet away from him.


Anyway I was really smitten with Noelle while we were there at the shelter, and if it was feasible we would have adopted her too. But I want to thank you for keeping me focused on the cat that we can in there for. She has turned out to be everything we wanted and then some. Meanwhile I know that whoever gets Noelle is going to be very lucky as well.


Thanks to you and all at Dog and Kitty City for the important and compassionate work that you do.


- Family: Russell

Phillipe, Keon, and King
Friday, 27 May 2011

Phillipe, Keon and King are all doing wonderful. Philippe is an amazing cat and hangs out with me while I watch TV, clean dishes, and sleep! He is quite a talker! The kittens like to hang out in the cat tree we bought for them, but they always come and cuddle with us when they get sleepy. Thanks for the wonderful cats!


- Family: Rachel

Happy Jake
Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jake’s is a special story. At ten years old, he has been at the shelter much of his life. He was found as a young Shepherd, obviously abused. Fiercely loyal, Jake was slated for a single parent household, and over the years found a few homes, but always his master suffered a medical setback and Jake was returned. He has always had a very guarded demeanor, understandably given his rough start. Visitors always gave him a wide berth, except Erin. She saw something special in our boy that she addressed, and she found a way into his heart.


After many years at the shelter, Jake moved into his forever home late last year. The pictures with his extended family speak louder than words. Check out these great pictures of Jake, Dustin (Jake's new owner), Erin, Gretchen (the chihuahua Jake lives with) and Amanda (another friend of Jake's) at the dog park this past weekend. Jake looks so happy!!


Erin's comment: "Jake thinks he has divorced parents. He spends several days with dad, Dustin, and several days with mom, Erin." What a wonderful story for the holidays, that our special boy has found a forever spot for his golden years!! In fact, he has found two hard earned forever spots.

- Family: Dustin and Erin

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Birdie is AWESOME! She is so smart, LOVES to run, and sleeps in our bed like a little human. She literally sleeps on a pillow. She had to get boarded for the first time this weekend for one night while we went to my cousin's graduation and she did great! Everyone loved her. Thanks for all your help!


- Family: Layne

Happy Eva in Her New Home
Thursday, 21 April 2011

Eva is doing great. She was a bit distracted the first 24 hrs, obsessed with the thought of her second rabbit, but she has mellowed. She loves being outside. She finds sticks and brings them to the porch and keeps them in a pile, it's so cute. She is eating and sleeping well, we give her lots of belly rubs. No time for her to be sad, she runs and plays so much.


- Family: Jean

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