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Lovable Gemma
Friday, 20 August 2010

Gemma has been a great addition to our family. Phil and I love her so much and we are so fortunate to have found her at Dog and Kitty City. She settled in so quickly with our other two doggies. Gemma and our Labrador Retriever Lily are inseparable. They are the best of friends and Gemma loves to follow her big sister around like a shadow. They have so much fun wrestling, playing tug of war, and always making sure they are touching every time they take a nap.


Gemma is about to graduate from Dog Obedience School and she is the best in her class. We are not being biased! She is such a fast learner! Once you teach her something once, it sticks.


Gemma loves to be outside, chases anything that flies and even gets her paws wet at the lake. She hasn't been brave enough to jump all the way in, but she is getting there. Gemma also loves to take her daily runs in the morning and has been caught dragging us most of the time!


Gemma has a lovable nature and we are so happy she is part of our lives.


- Family: Stephanie and Phil

A Tale of Two Black Cats
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Susan came to DKC looking for a cat for her father who lives in an assisted living facility and who had recently lost his feline companion. Susan took snapshots of several worthy candidates to show to her father, including Apollo, a 5 year old black male cat who had lived at DKC for 4 years. Susan next visited the Luvapet Center and took more photos.


Earlier in the year, Apollo had almost been adopted, and a blue collar was placed around his neck so that he could be found easily by the staff when his new mom came to pick him up and take him home, but she never returned for him.


Susan and her family decided that Apollo would be a good match for her dad. Apollo was friendly, polite, handsome, and confident.


The adoption counselor told the shelter staff that Susan would be dropping by the shelter to adopt Apollo, the black cat with the blue collar. The counselor was unaware there was another black cat named Jet who was wearing a blue collar. Susan was given Jet and delivered her to her father who was excited to have his new companion, and Jet adjusted to her new home very quickly.


When the mistake was discovered, Susan was notified immediately. However, she decided that Jet would remain with her father because he had become very attached to her and renamed her Lucy.


It looked like Apollo had lost his chance for a home again. Then, about a month later, Susan contacted the adoptions web site and advised that she was considering adopting Apollo for herself. She had other cats at home and was trying to figure out how to integrate Apollo into her household. Susan decided to give Apollo a chance and took him home. A few days later, Susan reported they were enjoying a harmonious transition, and Apollo, now known as Esau, was a sweet cat who had a ticklish spot on his side that when tickled, prompted a love nip.


Two lucky black cats indeed.

Friday, 04 June 2010

Attached is a picture of Sydney (adopted Feb 2010) with his big sister Rosie (on the left). Sydney overcame his upper respiratory and coccidia infections. He is now a whopping 7 lbs at 7 months. Rosie and Sydney enjoy chasing each other, wrestling and of course sleeping together. Many thanks to [Blythe], Carolyn, Caroline and all the other volunteers for everything you do for Dog and Kitty City.


- Family: Karen and Rob

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Doucette's pictures speak for themselves.


Please click on the article picture to see the whole gallery of 17 pictures, which you can navigate with the left and right arrows or by clicking on the gallery controls.


She is a great buddy.


- Family: Mike and Brigitte

Sweet Little Monk
Tuesday, 04 May 2010

Here are some photos of Monk. Jeff and I are so glad we were able to adopt him. He has been such a joy to have in our home. He is definitely developing his own little personality! He has a lot of energy, but at almost any time of the day, he loves to cuddle in our laps. Potty training is going so well. He is now to the point where when he needs to go, he goes to the door. Thank you so much for working with us and allowing us to have our sweet Monk!


PS - You will see in the photos how much our little guy has grown! :)


- Family: Sarah and Jeff

Molly the Ferret
Saturday, 24 April 2010

I thought you might like an update and a couple pics of Molly (formerly known as Apple). The picture of her and Roxie is how she spends every nice day. She loves being outside (as long as it is not raining or dark - she'll only go out at night when I go with her) and usually runs in and out the doggie door all day. She and Rox chase each other, jump on each other and then lay in sun. Molly did not appreciate the snow this past winter, especially the last one when she was all primed for spring. I was going to take a picture of her in the snow for you but I couldn't get one - she wasn't outside long enough!


I think that Molly is part ferret. She has a great capacity for getting into stuff. For example, she opened the zipper on my son's backpack, removed a Ziploc container, opened by the blue tab (the only teeth marks were on the tab opener) and then ate the peanutbutter and jelly sandwich that was in it!


Two weeks ago my girlfriend came for a visit from Wisconsin. Molly was out in the backyard and Sue walked into the back gate before me. Molly stood straight, ears erect and barked soundly at Sue, not aggressive or mean but definitely holding her own. I was so happy to see that. In the past she cowered around someone she doesn't know and I was so pleased she had some self-confidence. She is beginning to come out of her shell even with strangers.


She is really a sweet dog. Every so often she'll do something she's not supposed to - like chase the squirrels or swipe one of the kids toys and all it takes is a "Molly, what are you doing" and she sits down and give you these great puppy dog eyes like "who me? I'm innocent, could this face be guilty?" It is the cutest thing. We just love her to pieces and she and Roxie are best friends. You never see one without the other. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job fostering her - she's a delight.


- Family: Debby

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Per your suggestion I am sending some pictures of Bella [formerly Cab]. She has assimilated into our family with great ease and has adopted my son Wesley. Bella is a bundle of energy and yet she loves to snuggle up and get warm with anyone who will let her. She doesn't like to get her feet wet or the cold snow and really likes the sunshine and warmth. During the winter she would lay in front of my little bathroom heater like she was sunbathing. Bella takes every opportunity to get under blanket or sit in a warm chair. She is definitely a summer dog. Some of these pictures were taken right after we brought her home, some are from our snow days in February and some are taken in the bluebonnets on Easter.


- Family: Derryan

Jada the Graduate
Thursday, 15 April 2010

As you can see from the picture, we took Jada to an obedience training class. This is her graduation picture! She loved the classes and because of her love of the classes she eventually got to where she wasn't afraid to be in the car anymore. No more whining or panting! In fact she loves car rides now because it usually means play time at the park or obedience class.


She is really such a good dog for our family. When we first brought her home, we would put her in the kennel before we left the house, and she hated that. After the first month or so, we started practicing leaving her alone in the house for a little bit at a time to see how she did when we weren't home. She did great and can even stay home alone on Sundays with no problems while we go to church and then lunch.


She gets to go on lots of walks. I take her on several 2-4 mile walks each week, and my husband will even take her on a run with him about once a week. She walks the kids to school in the mornings with my husband and then goes with me to get them after school. She has kind of become the school mascot of sorts. All the school kids file out of the school and flock to her, calling her name and bathing her with pets. She is so, so gentle with all the kids, never jumping on any of them. We still have to watch her jumping on adults though! It's interesting to me that she seems to know that she has to be extra gentle with the kids! It's been fun to watch kids that were scared of her at first, come run up to her and give her hugs.

Chloe's New Things
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You can read the previous update on Chloe here.


Chloe is still small, but getting round. I'm sure it's because she is on kitten food still. She still loves to play with Allie. Allie doesn't like to play, but it is so cute to see her trying to play with Allie. She follows Allie everywhere. Allie will run to try and get away from her but Chloe tags right behind her and right on her tail. Allie knows when Chloe is on the move because she has two bells on her collar. If Allie hears the bells she looks all around.


Chloe's new thing is getting on counters and taking things that do not belong to her. I had a medicine syringe on the counter. I took it apart to clean it and the next day I went to give the baby his medicine and one part of the syringe was missing. When we went to bed that night we found it in our bed. She takes earrings, chap stick, sock covers, you name it, if it's left out she will take it!


I had a daycare family leave because the one child developed allergies to cats. I'm not giving up either of my babies so I had to let them go.


Attached is a picture of Chloe sleeping on the computer chair, sleeping with the dog we dog sit. (Chloe was under the weather for that picture as it was the same day she had gotten fixed.) She won't go near the dog right now unless it's to hit her with her paw. And here are pictures of her trying to figure out how to get the fish in the fish tank!


- Family: Joy & Jeff

Miss Coco
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Coco is fantastic. She is with me in Hollywood this week. I call her Beverly Hills Chihuahua. She got through all of her heartworm treatment and then had major dental surgery. She had four broken teeth removed. And WOW after the dental surgery, her personality really appeared. She is such a bundle of energy and love. Unfortunately last week she scratched her eye and got a little infection so at the moment, she is in a cone. She looks super funny, but she hates her cone. I have to keep scratching for her because she gets itchy and can't reach her face. I think about you all the time and how you really brought such an angel into my life. I love that baby girl.


She "attacked" the plumber yesterday. She was going with that squeak bark for a while and I finally let her go and she ran down the stairs to him and licked his shoe. It was hysterical. I love her so much and spend ridiculous amounts of time petting her and cooing in her ear.


- Family: Gina

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