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Precious Samson
Thursday, 18 March 2010

We made it through the night very well! Samson slept in our bedroom and at the end of the bed most the night. He is such a sweetie! It is so cute how he talks to us. :) Here is a picture of sweet Samson lounging at the end of our bed, where he has been all morning napping. Greg is working from home today, which is nice for him to spend time with sweet Sammy! Thank you for letting us adopt precious Samson! He fits in our family so easily and is a precious boy!



- Family: Debbie and Greg

Scenes in the Lives of Wes and Fred
Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fred has some acne on his chinny chin so we have been bathing it with warm water and once using kitty shampoo on it. Wes watched this process intensely. A couple of days ago, he jumps up to the "where you get a brushing table" BUT he doesn't want a dry brush. He would not quit fidgeting and swatting until I got a wet wash rag and soaked him down. Dale was watching and could hardly believe it. Yesterday and today I did the same. I try to dry him some. He just loves it. He smells better and is soft and fluffy.


They have a new heated mat that they spend lots of time on. Fred has a couple of two inch mice that he plays with for long stretches then hides really well. Wes still has his 2 inch Christmas mouse. Fred's new stuff was the lures off a kitty "fishing" pole Dale got them. Once Fred got a load of the mouse lures, the pole was useless. The game became tug of war and Fred was NOT planning to lose.

Scout Found His Passion in Life
Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dear Dog n Kitty Staff,


Just wanted to send you a quick update on Scout (formerly named Coach) who we adopted last May. He's doing just great and is really growing up. I'm attaching a picture we took of him when it snowed a couple weeks ago. He LOVED playing in the snow! His passion in life, however, is fetching tennis balls. That is this working dog's "job" and he does it with endless pursuit. He has become quite good at catching balls in the air. It is really very impressive.


We are so happy to have him as a member of our family and love him dearly. I think he's the smartest dog I've ever met, and he has been easy to train. He does not get along well with other dogs, so we are still working on socializing him. But he gets along fine with Ranger, our other dog, and he loves our cat (who does not return the affection)! Also, he is amazingly sweet and gentle with our 2 ½ year old son.


Thanks so much for allowing us to share our lives with this beautiful dog and keep up the great work that you do every day.


- Family: Karen

Annie, the Blessing
Friday, 19 February 2010

Annie is so sweet and I love her immensely. I know there is a God who loves us all. Over a year ago I had a prompting that I should get a puppy. My husband said absolutely not. So time went by and I still felt this prompting. I told John that the prompting was not going away. He agreed that we could get a puppy but the time was not right. I knew that the puppy had to be special because I wanted Dan (our dog) to be happy too. More time went by and then John got the prompting that the time was close at hand. We searched through the internet for puppies. We both searched on our own computers at different times. We both fell for Bebo's picture. On our way to see Bebo I had a fear that she would be gone before we got there. I cried out to God in my heart. My fear subsided and I just felt a calm come over me. I knew everything would be alright.


So my prayers were answered and Annie came home with us. She fell in love with Dan instantly. They were so cute together. He helped potty train her and taught her not to bark at the door bell. He also helped her get more comfortable with her walks outside. If she cried out he was right there to make sure she was alright. He was so sweet and patient with her. Yes I am typing in past tense because on 2-6-10 my family lost the best dog ever. It was so quick and so unexpected. In an instant a part of me died in the pain of losing one of my best friends. Dan was my shadow. I just loved that dog so much. He was the best dog and knew probably close to a hundred people. We all cried together. No dog could or can take Dan's place.


For this I am so grateful for Annie.

Spencer's Warm Homecoming
Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you know that it has been a week since we picked up Renzo and brought him home and what a week it has been.


He has adjusted so well and seems so happy. Our other dogs have accepted him as part of the family and he and Murphy (our 4 yr. old male schnauzer) have become best buds. They even sleep together. Maggie, my 2 yr old female schnauzer did not care much for the new "intruder" in her home and would literally leave the room when Renzo entered. But that is all behind us and she has started to play with him and doesn't run the other way when he approaches her.

One Happy Year with Tina, Wanda and Willamina
Wednesday, 17 February 2010



Just wanted to send you an update on three kitties we got from you last year. Everyone's well and (seems to be) happy.


Tina (Teeny) is ruling the roost and gets her way about everything. She has a favorite ball that she chases and brings to us like it's a mouse... meowing as loud as she can!!! Wanda (LouLou) is all grown up now and is so so so sweet. She plays with the kitten and is ever so gentle and good natured, even when she's stealing socks or snacks or laps. Willamina (MaGee) is ornery as ever and prone to spats with the other girls but she's 400% better than her first days here and has gained a great deal of health and vitality.


We found a kitten in the road and brought her home last summer, and our outdoor cat got so old she decided to be an indoor cat so we have 5 (see pics). We are now basically cat herders and couldn't be happier!!!




- Family: Laura and Rhonda

Diabolical Dewey
Thursday, 04 February 2010

Hello there!


I'm dropping a line to let you all know that we are so appreciative to everyone at Dog and Kitty City that helped us to find the perfect kitty for us in July of 2009. Dewey (aka Hickory) is absolutely wonderful!!


I have grown up with cats/kittens: we used to foster them for a shelter near our home. There was no amount of cat-exposure that could prepare me for Dewey, though. He is such a little hellion! At eight months old, he weighs over 12 pounds, and hardly has an ounce of fat on him. He's just a big boy! His fur is a soft, creamy orange and is so long and gorgeous. His tail is nearly as long as the rest of him, and is super fluffy.


Dewey is like a child to me, he is such a sweetheart (when he's not being a total monster, that is, haha). He is an only kitty, so he is very attached to me and my fiancé. He will wake up from a nap to follow one of us if we go to the kitchen or the bathroom: he prefers us all to be in the same room. When he's awake, he races around the apartment, lays in wait for us to walk around a corner so he can spring up and "surprise" us and take off running, and he is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with running water. He is the nosiest cat I've ever seen, and stands on his hind legs like a meerkat when he hears a noise outside or upstairs, or so he can see things in the trashcan.

The Cat with Amber Eyes
Monday, 01 February 2010

Dear wonderful caregivers,


I think that I understand the moment that comes when an animal that you have cared for finally leaves your care for a new home. I am sure that you feel accomplished and at the same time a little feeling of loss as someone that you have come to love goes away for good. That is why I am writing to you today about a cat you called Brie.


She came home to live with us on December 9. We were full of anticipation as to whether she would fit in and as to whether we had made the right decision in adopting a shelter animal. Shortly after she arrived, an upper respiratory infection manifested itself and she was introduced to her new doctor who also found that she had come home with ear mites. The infection is long gone, but we are still fighting the mites with more of the same medicine that she was given on her adoption day.

Dillan the Helper
Friday, 29 January 2010

My husband and I adopted a German Shepherd/Lab Retriever Mix from Dog and Kitty City about a year and a half ago. You called him Terry and a picture and description is on your website in the list of adopted pets. Not sure if anyone would recall, but it took some time for the staff to be sure he would do well with us because we had 2 female chihuahuas who weren't so sure they wanted a big brother.


This note is to let you know how well Dillan is doing and what an amazing part of our life and family he has become. One of the chihuahuas (Gidget, who was the mother of the other chihuahua) is the most "alpha" female I've ever seen - Dillan always accepted her as the pack leader and once the the younger chihuahua, Angel, got used to him they became good friends. We recently lost Angel to a long illness she had battled. Gidget was so forlorn when her daughter died, but Dillan seemed to sense our horrible loss and began playing more with Gidget, let her eat his food, drink his water, play with his toys and even take over his bed if she felt like it. Gidget enjoys my husband's lap most, and Angel spent her time in my lap while Dillan usually laid at our feet. When we lost Angel, Dillan sensed the emptiness I felt and decided he could try to be a lap dog! He doesn't stay on my lap long, but does try to curl up there for awhile.

Clyde - the Greatest Dog on the Planet
Thursday, 21 January 2010

Clyde has definitely gained weight since we got him and is up to 77.8 pounds (he finally has started to grow into his “Marmaduke” like feet). He still bounds around all the time but doesn’t quite realize how big he is and that he is strong enough to knock you over if you aren’t paying attention, which keeps us on our toes and laughing.


We take Clyde on two walks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening (as we have since we got him) and each walk is about a mile. He really enjoys his daily walks and in the morning if we aren’t ready to go and he is, he will either push his head under the covers and poke our feet with his nose, or come to the side of the bed and lick our face until we are up. Once we are up and getting ready to go, he entertains us with several stretches and yawns that turn into happy howls that always make us laugh. He also loves to play catch or fetch with his Kong in the backyard and will play for hours (he never once was in our backyard without one of us next to him or on a leash until we got our new fence). In one of the pictures you can see one his blankets on the ground. He moves them throughout the yard during the day when he wants to lounge in another area.


In November he graduated from his 8 week training class at PetSmart and was one of the most well behaved dogs in the class (he was the trainer’s favorite). He has been to doggie day care and is a favorite of the entire staff as well.

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