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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Here are some up to date pics of Chloe (Farah). We have made a final name change. Simba just didn't sound right...


We absolutely love Chloe. She loves to cuddle. Always happy and loves to help us make the bed -- not really but she runs around the bed when you're trying to make it and tries to grab the sheets. She loves the kiddos and just loves to be with everyone. There is a picture of her sleeping on the couch with a daycare child. She sleeps on her back and loves to have her belly rubbed. I think she thinks she is a dog! Everyone at the vets loves her. She is up to date on all shots and weighs 4.4 now. She has a round tummy but they didn't say she is overweight yet so that is good. I have trained her to sit for her treat too. She is loved very much!


- Family: Joy and Jeff

More on Skittles and Tulip
Monday, 14 December 2009

Well, it has been quite a couple of years for Skittles and Tulip. We adopted them from The Dallas Humane Society, February, 2007 with the loving help of Monique. We all moved to the San Francisco bay area in January this year, and they have enjoyed the sunny California weather immensely! Skittles and Tulip enjoyed their first stroll along the beach too.


Currently, their days consist of lounging on the sofa and taking a daily stroll around the marina where we live. Needless to say, Tulip enjoys barking at the local gray and black ground squirrels on our walks. Both are spoiled to an incredibly high degree.


While Tray and I visit family/friends in Louisiana/Texas during the holidays, Skittles and Tulip will be playing and lounging (in their luxury suite) at the Wag Hotel in San Francisco. It is truly a hard life for them.


We've attached a few fun pictures of the kids for you to enjoy!


Our family wishes you a wonderful holiday season, and a happy and most prosperous new year!


- Family: Tray and Lynn

(Go here to see the previous update on Skittles and Tulip!)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Hello to everyone at Dog and Kitty City!


It’s been one month since I brought Cher home and I wanted to send you all an update to let you know how well she’s doing. First off, her name is Layla now, and it really seems to suit her. She’s definitely a little lady, but with a lot of spunk! She has settled in very well at home, and she and her older kitty sister Phoebe are good friends, most of the time. She was housebroken almost from day one, very few accidents, and is a very quick learner. She has already learned to sit, stay, shake, and lay down! I think she’s the smartest puppy there is, I may be a bit biased, but everyone she meets seems to agree. She has yet to meet a stranger and she is the most popular puppy at the vet clinic where I work, everyone just loves her big ears and expressive little face. She comes to work with me at least once a week to visit all her human and doggy friends. She certainly keeps me on my toes, one of her favorite things right now is to destroy every toy I give her (see the picture I’ve attached of her surrounded by stuffing!), which is expected as she’s teething, but she’s also perfectly content to curl up on the bed with me and watch tv or take a nap. And we will be taking a beginners’ obedience class after the holidays to help make us the best puppy and owner we can be. I’m so lucky to have her, and it’s hard to remember what my life was like before she came to live with me.

Baby Zoe
Sunday, 15 November 2009

It was love at first sight! She is so sweet and smart! She sleeps on my chest with her head next to my face. She is doing very well on her housebreaking... no accidents in the house yet. She has two BIG sisters, Maggie Mae and Punkie B... They are getting along just fine! By the way, her name is Zoe now. She wasn't responding to Marlene so we gave her a tiny name to match her tiny body! SHE IS MY BABY!! Believe it or not, she seems to already know I'm talking to her when I call "Zoe".


I love love love her! Thanks for taking care of her for me until we found each other!! If you are at Petsmart on Saturdays, one of these days you will see us... We plan to visit HSDC every once in a while!


- Family: Donna

Sterling the Sprinter
Thursday, 12 November 2009

At long last, here is another happy picture of Sterling and Isabella.


Sterling has added so much sunshine to our family. He is such a joyful and friendly dog! I truly think he's incapable of walking anywhere, as he does everything at a sprint. I can hear his sprouncing steps going up and down the stairs and from room to room from anywhere in the house. Sterling has never met a stranger and he has never met a ball that he doesn't think he can catch. We have great video of him chasing a big exercise ball and trying to find a way to carry it in his mouth. Really-- one of those 30 inch exercise balls! He and the other two dogs (and two cats) all get along really well. They even curl up with each other (and Isabella and me) on the couch in the evening.


We were very pleased to discover that Sterling was already housebroken (or at least 95% housebroken) when we brought him home. He also already knew "sit" and "stay." We've since taught him to "dance" on his hind legs for a treat as well. He also knew how to play fetch--but you know that already!


Again, I don't think there are words to describe what a great addition to the family Sterling has been. Thanks for finding him for us--I can't imagine how we got along without him!


- Family: Kal

Trust Comes with Patience - Maggie
Sunday, 01 November 2009

Dear DKC, We wanted to let you know how well Maggie [formerly Martelle] is doing! She has settled into our routine and loves her new home. Maggie is a very smart little girl, she has learned sit, lie down, ask to go outside to potty, off, "go lay down" (she has a special spot in the kitchen) and COME. :) The last one was the hardest! We realized Maggie had probably been chased at some point, because she would approach us when we called her... smell the treat... then bolt before we could stop her. It was hard, I'll be honest... but we all learned patience really does pay off! Maggie trusts us now, and instead of worrying that she will run when I come home and open the gate in our driveway... I just open my truck door and she jumps right in!! She's so happy to be with our family.... and we are so happy to have her. Thanks, and please let all adopters know it just takes time and patience and it's MORE than worth it!!!!!!


- Family: Maria

Peyton - Rough Start, Great Finish
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I just joined the Fan page on Facebook and saw that you are looking for adoption stories. We adopted Peyton from you guys, and she has been the best dog despite her rough start. Apparently she was so poorly treated before reaching Dog & Kitty City that she couldn't even stay at the shelter. Nancy and Randy kindly took care of her at their home for about nine months. Peyton LOVED Randy so much that she would barely even let potential adopters pet her. Thanks to the stories Randy told us about Peyton, and the fact that she is adorable with her oversized ears, we fell in love with her. Randy and Nancy brought Peyton to our condo, and it's been a match made in heaven ever since. Peyton has learned to warm up to people more and more and she still loves to sleep under the covers with us.


I have attached a couple of pictures for you all. Peyton is the greatest and we are so thankful for Dog & Kitty City and for Randy and Nancy for taking such great care of her!


- Family: Rebekah and Mike

Bogart's Home
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Update on May 16, 2010: "Bogart aka Boggy is just the most loving boy ever and is doing great. I can pick him up now anytime I want and carry him around on my shoulders. We love and kiss each other all the time. He just loves to play with me and be loved on. I have attached 3 pics of him. Enjoy!"


Update on October 20: More cute pictures of Bogart added at the end of the gallery. You can see the gallery by clicking on Bogart's photo at the left.


Bogart is a gray tabby/Maine Coon mix who came to the shelter six months ago when he was found wandering on the streets in Irving. That was quite a feat since he is blind, born with no eyes. He immediately captured the attention and care of shelter cat volunteers. He was sweet with people and wanted to make friends and he navigated the room easily, finding his food, litter box and jumping on and off shelves and tables very sure of himself. He was also playful and would gnaw at a backpack's strips with great pleasure. He knew people by their sound and greeted them by rubbing against their legs.


However, he was frustrated to be confined to sickbay, and sometimes he would attack people that made sudden approaches towards him. He also dominated the other cats, making up for his lack of sight with aggressiveness. He was adopted after one month and immediately returned to the shelter after he injured the arm of his adopter, and then he spent three more months in sickbay. In a kill shelter he would not have been given much time- with his special needs, he was the walking definition of unadoptable. But the volunteers of Dog & Kitty City hoped to find him a right place one day. He was not wild or out of control; he was simply not comfortable there.


And then, about a month ago, Bogart found a foster home, which is where the success part comes in. His foster mom, Helene, offered Bogart a quiet home and lots of love and acceptance. Very soon she was writing to the shelter that she wanted to adopt him, or as she put it--


Bogart will be wanting to stay here as his new furrever home with his new meowmom and siblings. Oh, you just can't even know how well he has done and is doing. We have spent so much time together as one on one and we do huggss and head bumps and I give him big forehead kissess all the time. He likes to get on my shoulders from the window seat and then talks to me as I gently lower him.. This is his comfort bonding with me. This is letting him know how much to trust me. He also likes for me to put him in the window seat. Again he is showing his trust with me. I have been rubbing his paws each time I am with him (so he could get used to my touch) and now we trim a toe nail each day. We started this weekend letting two babies [cats] at a time into his room and he has done so good with them. One of the boys laid with Bogart and before I knew it Bogart was giving this baby a bath. Yes, he was just licking this baby's face all over. Of course I have been supervising. Bogart is just so calm, loving and content.. He and I play alot with his toys. Bogart and I have been talking to each other and we have made each other's hearts complete.


Sweet Akita
Thursday, 01 October 2009

We got her home and she is just wonderful! It's like she's been there with us since day one. This kitty knows and lives house life very well!


Kris was great - polite, caring, and thoughtful. She told us all about Akita's history, and even helped me pick out some cat food. Please pass on our appreciation for her making the special trip for us.


We got Akita home and opened the cat carrier in the spare bathroom where her litter is. We took her from the carrier straight to the litter so she would know where that is. Then, we watched her as she explored the house, room to room, even the bathrooms. She would pass by the rooms she had already been in, knowing where she had been!


She loves the window sills and window seat cutouts. We have a bird feeder right out there, so she will have fun watching "kitty TV", as Debbie calls it!


When she found the couch, she jumped up there and started watching TV. We got a good laugh out of that one. By evening we were on the couch with her, she layed between us, loving the dual attention. She even jumped down and stayed on the floor when we ate.

Kaya the Sportsdog
Saturday, 25 July 2009



I thought I'd share an update about our Kaya (she was named Sheeba when we got her in early April).


She is doing great! Kaya has grown from 12 pounds when we got her to about 23 pounds now. She absolutely loves playing with her brother, Ninja, taking her morning walk by the creek, kissing her daddy all over his face when he gets home, and enthusiastically unloading her toys from the basket. She is such a joy to have around - friendly and not timid towards any people or dogs. She sets a great example for our other (much more skittish) dog. She's learned to swim in the pool and loves to go on the boat with us, swimming sometimes with her lifejacket on.


We sometimes think we should have named her Bear Claw as she likes to pat us all on the face with her scratchy paws to remind us she is right there! We are so glad we found her and she is the perfect new member for our family. Thanks again!!


P.S. Here's one more picture. Not sure why, but Kaya (smaller one) and Ninja love my yoga mat! Also funny how similar they look :)


- Family: Lisa

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