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Pretty Sandy
Tuesday, 07 July 2009



It has been a while, but I wanted to give you an update on Sandy (nee Muffin). She is doing great! She is about 45 lbs now and furry as ever! We are so happy to have her in our family! She is friendly and sweet as can be. We took her to our 4th of July parade and picnic. She is so gentle and well-behaved. People always comment on how pretty she is - I feel like a proud mamma! We gave her a summer hair cut to try to keep her cool too!


I hope things are going well at Dog 'n' Kitty City and you are having a good summer!


- Family: Natalie

Jake the Smiling Dog
Friday, 26 June 2009



Here's a couple of pics. I think I told you that we renamed him "Jake". (Our note: his shelter name was Aragon.) He's adjusting well. He loves going on walks, but still not too excited about getting in the car. He gets along with "Crash" well, and he's starting to figure out what the purpose of toys are. It's kind of funny watching him.


One of the pics is from the beginning of April.


- Family: Robin

Thursday, 11 June 2009

We adopted Gracie one month ago, so I wanted to give you an update on her progress. She is thriving in our household and is such a joy to us! We have taught her to go in and out of a doggie door (we are either looking out the window or we actually go out the door to be with her, still) and she was so easy to potty train!


Gracie went on her first "over night" with us on the 4th of July and she did great! We had a family reunion and she was able to socialize with 3 other dogs and 25 people. Of course, everyone fell in love with her! We took her yesterday to East Texas to visit some old friends who have 2 small dogs and they all had a great time. Gracie is so adaptable!


Mike and I are so attached to her and we thank God that we have the privilege to have Gracie in our life!


God Bless,


First update, one month ago:

George Says Hi
Tuesday, 19 May 2009

George (formerly known as Bix) wanted to check in and say HI to the gang at the Humane Society. I am his mom Angie and this is what he told me to write, (he tries to use the computer, but he gets the keys confused.)


Thanks for the rescue from the kill shelter and the move to the Humane Society. I sat around for so many months waiting to meet my new mom and family and boy did I luck out, although she says she's the lucky one. Let's see where do I start.


I sleep with my mom, right up against her every night!!! I have two pillows on the couch that let me look out onto the canal while I am laying down.can you believe it, I can see out the window without even moving a muscle!!! I have a sister, (she thinks she's royalty) her name is Becca. Becca taught me to play and have fun. We run up and down the stairs. at the top of the stairs we turn the corner fly onto the bed.then we screetch around on top of the bed and fly down, then it's back down the stairs (oh and we bark along the way!) Do you know how much fun that is? My leg muscles have gotton super strong and I can go forever now before I get tired!! My family takes me on long walks at least 3 times a day, usually with my sister and my really good friend Max (he's a really big red dog, and another rescue too). I have a deck which has a great view, I can see everything from there.
Sunday, 19 April 2009

Attached are some photos of Lily, formerly Collette. She and our other dog Daisey are best of buds. They are always together.


Daisey just had cataract surgery on both eyes and is doing very well. Lily helps take care of her.


We are very happy that we were able to adopt Lily. She is definitely one of our kids.


- Family: Brenda & James

Three Little Kittens Went Home
Monday, 02 March 2009

Hi!!! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know everything's going great with the new babies...


Well, Willamena is a terror unless by-herself-the-center-of-everything; and Wanda cannot get enough attention; and Tina won't sit in my lap yet. And that is the worst I can say of any of them!!!


They are sweet and attentive and anxious to please. They get along well and enjoy their new arrangements: We have a small home but we have a finished attic space (where they hang out most of the time) and the unfinished attic space (where they race around and be "wild") and down the stairs is a small garage that was enclosed in the 50s (we have a very old house) and then they come in with us too in our space. They are still adjusting but seem very content.


Thanks for all your help with this - we appreciate it!!!

- Family: Laura and Rhonda

Cute Lucas
Monday, 02 March 2009

Hello Dog N Kitty City Team:


We mentioned we would send some pictures of Lucas ('Denim'). Here he is playing with his new sister Cha Cha (our Yorkie).


He is just too cute!


- Family: Monique and Jose

Kate Helps Others Now
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kate is the boxer mix I adopted from you all in 2001. She has been a delightful, smart, affectionate sweetheart and wonderful companion. Now, she is spreading her precious personality to those in need of comfort, entertainment and joy. We became a certified therapy dog team last spring with Therapy Dogs Inc. ( national organization) and the Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs ( local). We visit nursing homes, hospitals, shelters, schools, library kids' reading programs etc. Attached is a picture of Kate in her official "uniform".


Kate has been such an example of what can happen when people make every effort to rescue and care for unfortunate, homeless dogs. Not only is she a treasure to others but, she enjoys the life of an indulged, loved little princess. Her best friend, besides me, is a little boy in my neighborhood who lost his parents and grandmother at an early age. He comes often to visit and play with Kate. Those visits are full of romps, hugs and kisses.

- Family: Sara

Skittles and Tulip in California
Monday, 02 February 2009

Well, first a bit of sad news... Skittles was diagnosed with Lymphoma in Oct 2008. We immediately began chemo treatments at the VCA Specialty Clinic in north Dallas. He apparently is Super Dog because he was diagnosed as being in full remission after only the 2nd treatment. YEH!!!!


The other bit of big news was that Tray got a great job opportunity in the San Francisco bay area and he moved to CA in November 2008. Once he got settled in an apt, he came back to Dallas and we all drove out to CA together New Year's Day. We found Skittles a specialty clinic here in the area and never skipped a treatment - he's still doing great! We're still trying to sell our home in Dallas.

It's a Dog's Life for Smidgen
Saturday, 10 January 2009

It's been a few months since we adopted Addie (now renamed Smidgen) but I just wanted to give a quick update. She has just turned out to be one of the most wonderful little dogs on this earth!!! She picked up on housetraining very quickly, she also learned how to sit, stay, shake, and kiss very very quickly. She is one smart little dog! Her and her sister (Sissy) got along perfectly from day one and have been inseparable ever since! They get walks every day and on Sundays we take a few hours to go to the dog park for some real fun! They get a new compressed rawhide or porky twist every night. They get at least one new toy pretty much every Saturday when mommy runs errands and does her shopping. Treats galore. We definitely live a "dog's life" here in our house :-) I give them little pieces of fresh chicken, ham, turkey, etc when I'm cooking.

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