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Brie's Story
Saturday, 22 November 2008

I am only writing this as, due to the meeting of so many wonderful, loving people, I can imagine that some would like to know the story of how Brie, the national star, finally came to being adopted. I would think that many came to love her and only wish that she would find a loving home. She finally did!!!


I first heard of your shelter through Petfinder, who notified me of a small dog, Colette. I like many others fell in love with her; my reasons were this: I had a tea cup Terrier/Chi mix for 24 years, his name was Cujo and he went into kidney failure and had to go to doggie heaven in 2003. Then in 2005, Precious, the miniature Pomeranian that I had for 17 years, went to join Cujo. All my friends were pressuring me to go and get another small baby, and I just wasn't ready. When seeing Colette's picture she was the perfect mix of what I had lost, down to the perfect coloring. I decided to go see her and put in my application along with many others. I held her and while I was there many others came for the same reason. My attention was turned to another dog in the small yard; the gate was unlocked and I asked Roger if it was OK if I went in and saw her. After spending time with this puppy, I asked Roger the story of this baby. I found out her name was Brie, how long she had been there and even that she had been on TV. I asked that her name be added to my application and the process began.

The Princess and the Giant
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

In April 2004, someone dumped Leia and Lilith with 11 kittens at the shelter. Right from the start, it was apparent that each was special -- but one was a Princess -- and her name is Anastasia.


Friends had recently lost their cat, so I took Anastasia hoping to cheer them up and fill that hole in their family, but they just weren’t ready to adopt.


While I knew she would have no trouble finding a home, I didn’t realize how easy it would be. While all 3 pounds of Anastasia was at my home, she met Hoover, my 7 year old boy. He was in mourning, having recently lost our beloved Chelsea, but Anastasia brought a smile to his face.

Skipper's Blog
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Skipper's new family love him so much we are very updated on his status! Newest update is first.


Wed June 3, 2009: 10 months

Hi Ladies, this is Skipper,


My Daddy gave me permission to send a greeting since I've been so good for so long. Since i helped him so much while he was incapacitated, he's now certifying me as a therapy pet. That may not mean much to some, but to me it's a big deal! I also try to eat poop from others a lot less since I know I'm going to be reprimanded. There are lots of new furry friends here and some new human ones, so I have lots of enrichment in my life. I sport a new leash after the other one broke due to faulty stitching. This one is bigger and stronger and i can feel more secure with it. My harness is so good that I hate to take it off even for a bath which I tolerate, but it's not my favorite activity--exploring is!


I think my parents are planning something big for my 1 year anniversary in my permanent home because they go to the Petsmart pretty often. I'm hoping for treats like ice cream and bones , but they haven't told me anything yet. All my buddies like to walk with me and we sometimes play and tumble together. My choices are Labs and Hounds since they're the nicest to me.


Did you know that I'm becoming a good watchdog? I now bark whenever anyone comes near the territory. I protect what's mine--I'm a proud pack leader!


Love to all,



Rosie - Holding Out for a Family
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Rosie has been the DKC shelter dog. She is 12 years old and has spent her whole life at the shelter. Rosie has had issues, so was not an easy adoption candidate. In a word, she liked to bite people, although she always did it with a smile on her face.


One volunteer, Sandy, became her guardian angel, always visiting and taking Rosie for a ride (her favorite thing) and a Wendy’s treat (her most favorite thing!). Rosie would actually sit on Sandy’s lap in the car and place her own order at the drive through window – much to the amusement of the Wendy's staff. And, always kind-hearted, Rosie ordered treats for all the pups at the shelter.

Cookie Dough
Thursday, 31 July 2008

I started volunteering at Dog & Kitty City six years ago when I moved to Dallas. I volunteer there as a cat socializer and spend most of my time up on a ladder with the less socialized cats. During this time, I found myself spending a lot of time with one special girl, Oreo. While she was very shy and liked to hide in a cubby hole or under something, she was extremely affectionate when approached. It was always my dream to one day adopt her, but I already had two other cats, Chaz and Coca, and my turtle, Eddie, at home.


About three years ago, someone else fell in love with Oreo and put in an application to adopt her. Although I was sorry to see her go, her new mom insisted she was ready to take her time with Oreo’s shy, timid nature and give her a good home. Sadly, six months later, Oreo was returned to the shelter. I was horrified at her condition when I saw her again. She had lost weight, and her coat was filthy and full of dander. We cleaned her up and tucked her into her safe cubby hole, but her image haunted me. I felt I had let Oreo down, and I couldn’t live with myself if I had left her at the shelter. So, the next week, I went to the shelter, scooped her up, and took her home.

Bandit's Happy Routine
Monday, 28 July 2008

Bandit came to the shelter in 2002 as a puppy and wasn't adopted until 2005. Those adoptive parents returned him in March 2007 -- because their landlord changed pet restrictions, and he was too large to stay with them.


And then, along came Stephanie who adopted him in April 2007. Here is her update.


Isn't he a handsome boy? I love to brag on him!


Bandit is such a great boy. He started out shy, skittish of noises, shadows, strangers, and things out of the ordinary. After a few weeks, he settled into a routine.

Star Buster
Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A few months ago my wife and I were on our way back from an out-of-town conference. Our elderly Blue Heeler had recently passed away, and on the airport road I said, "I gotta have a dog." Elaine knew a woman who had volunteered at Dog & Kitty City so we drove directly there because we definitely wanted to adopt a shelter dog.


When we were shown the dogs, this one particular dog got my attention. They opened the gate to his kennel and he ran at me so hard he almost knocked me down. Then I sat on a bench and he climbed on it and rolled on his back. My wife and I fell in love on the spot with this wonderful two-year-old golden retriever who had been found running the streets by a shelter worker.

A Yard for Rosebud
Sunday, 13 July 2008

The first time Jeremy and I met Rosebud it was winter, and we were in the yard of the Dog & Kitty City shelter. Tiny Rosebud was wearing a green jacket and shivering. Jeremy held her in his arms, and it was apparent that she did not want to be outside. We took some quick pictures of her, to place online in hopes of finding her a home.


Not long after this we decided to foster a dog. That dog turned out to be one of the shelter loud-mouths, who was in need of attention, training, and love. Her name was Rosebud.

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