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Monday, 18 August 2014

Winston [formerly Mercury] is doing wonderfully and we are all just loving him to pieces. We have been to 3 training classes at Pets Mart and everyone has decided he is gifted and talented. He really doesn’t need the classes, but he helps the other puppies and it is helping his fear of cars to go on an outing every week. He doesn’t like parked cars that we pass on his walks and he is very fearful getting in and out of the car. He is getting much better and we will continue working on it. He loves to chase the birds, bunnies and squirrels in the back yard. The other day he jumped up on one of the boulders and looked like he claimed his yard!! It was adorable.


- Family: Wendy

Monday, 18 August 2014

Griffin is an extraordinary dog, extremely loving to everyone, humans and dogs. We are so impressed. This has had to have something to do with the care of him at your facility. Not sure how you taught him to be this way, he has been completely housebroken as I told you before. We have never had any problems at all, he goes to the door if he wants to go out. We have taken him almost every day to the off-leash dog parks. He loves them, has learned to come when called, comes back to make sure we are still with him so he never goes too far ahead of us and is always in view. We take him into the pond area and he swims and fetches the ball with all the other dogs. He particularly has made friends with Roco, a puppy bulldog/mastiff. They play incredibly. Roco is still small but is getting bigger every day. He sits on Griffin's head and back while Griffin is upside down, then the tables turn and Griffin pulls him along by his ear. Doesn't seem to bother Rocco one bit, he is just solid muscle, it is so cute to see.


Griffin has become a star swimmer, he no longer does the frog dance in the water (breast stroke), he now swims and retrieves just like the other dogs that are expert swimmers, labs and retrievers etc. Griffin has learned to copy them with the swimming and does as well as they do. It is really great to see his interaction with other dogs of all sizes. Griffin goes in the pond and lays down and smiles like a crocodile waiting for the other dogs to go in and play with him. His antics are hilarious, everyone knows him by name and loves to watch him as he does the sweetest and strangest things. I think we should put him on UTube.


We plan to make sure his social skills are kept up. We are checking into the local facilities for winter, although we do have annual passes at the parks so can still take him off leash. People we have met say they frequent the places in the winter and the park trails are plowed for the dogs to run and us to walk on of course. I have picked out his boots and winter coat. What a spoiled handsome boy he will be. I will send you all pictures of him this winter and be sure to let you all know how he does.


We just love him so much and we realize how lucky we are to have been able to adopt such a beautiful being who is as special as Griffin. This wouldn't happen without the obvious care and training you have all given him, it is very apparent.


- Family: Maureen, Robin, and Darryn

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I wanted to take a moment to send you and your staff a few pictures of Alondra, now known as Eivis (Ae-vees). This is her relaxing with me at a friend's house for a Memorial Day weekend stay over.


Eivis continues to be a very good match and a great addition to my life. She has already brought many smiles to others and me, and seems very happy. As stated on the phone this weekend, she is very well behaved and adjusted unbelievably quickly.


Finally, I dedicated a song to her today. It's called "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities; you can check it out at the YouTube link below. The lyrics are very nice and appropriate.




Thanks again for all of your help and the work that you are doing!


- Family: Neal

Monday, 21 July 2014



I wanted to share some pictures of our sweet Wrigley that we brought home in November. He is such a joy and we could not be happier that we were able to give him a happy home.




- Family: Jamie

Sully aka Baby Kale
Monday, 21 July 2014

Kale's new name is Sully. He is doing great. He's a real character with a funny personality. He is a terror around the house, and he prowls around like it is his private domain. He attacks the older cat, and jumps on the dog's back. He loves to burrow under the covers and hide and enjoys sitting by the window and watching the birds and the squirrels.


- Family: Sherry

Monday, 21 July 2014

I'm very excited to tell you that Tilly loves us ALMOST as much as we love her! She sleeps with me each night and if I'm gone, she sleeps with Bob or one of the kids! She LOVES hiking, and has helped Sam (our yellow lab rescue) be a "puppy" again! (He's 7). We are so thankful for this little girl!!! I'd take 5 more of her if I could!!!



- Family: Lisa

Monday, 21 July 2014

Just thought you might like a picture of Tucker [formerly Hershey, adopted February 2014] learning to swim with his life jacket and my granddaughter. And another one, it's hard to see until you enlarge; but he's asleep in my suitcase as I get ready for another trip! He's a wonderful traveler!


- Family: Sammie

Monday, 30 June 2014

We thought you might like to see some new photos of Freckles from her first real big road trip. We recently drove to Colorado to visit our new nephew. Freckles did exceptionally well with the newborn and all the family around! While there, we took her up to Boulder to go hiking. She was great on the hike and really enjoyed it!


Next week we'll be taking another road trip to Florida so I will try to send some pictures of her first trip to the beach as well! She does really well in the car and has been such a blessing in our lives. We love her so much.


I was looking at the dog n kitty city website this morning and saw that Griffin has been adopted! We're so excited to see that. We've been trying to tell people about Claudia as well so we'll keep working on her.


- Family: Kelsey and Patrick

Bella aka Blossom
Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello everyone,


Just an update on Bella aka Blossom.


We absolutely LOVE her! She has brought so much joy into our lives. Her wellness checkup was great! Her Vet said I was very lucky to get a "Frenchie" into a shelter. I certainly know...


Bella has her own swimming pool. She doesn't have the interest of going into the Adult pool at all. We brought her home thinking we had a lot of training, issues, possible health problems, or whatever to deal with, when in fact she has a lot of knowledge in the basics of obedience and crate trained, house broken, doesn't hardly ever bark, she was the "perfect" angel I had hoped for. ....., until... the "whatever" showed up.


We introduced her to my stepsons two small dogs, a shitzu and a poodle/shitzu mix. She absolutely did not do well. In fact..., she was VERY dominant, aggressive and just horrible! I was shocked. I never thought my so called "angel" could do such a thing. The staff at the Rescue Center told me she had these issues but I didn't know they were BIG issues. Okay.., well, if this is all I have to work with.., her "issues" with other animals, this will be "cake". I ordered Cesar Milan's dvd on Mastering Leadership No.5. And will be giving it to my stepson so we can work with Bella's issues together. I'm also going to take her to obedience classes soon to help socialize her.


The next set of pictures I send will be of Bella standing besides her friends (not human friends but her "dog" buddies) That will be a GREAT accomplishment for her. All in all, we still love her dearly and the "angel" bit..., let's just say... we know better. lol I'm wanting to get another frenchie for her and us! I just love the breed! Thank you so much for letting her come home with us. Please see attached pictures. I'll get more of her with us.




- Family: Stacy and Mike

Saturday, 14 June 2014

I think Elsa is going to be fine. Thank you so much.


- Family: Naomi

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