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Cookie Dough
Thursday, 31 July 2008

I started volunteering at Dog & Kitty City six years ago when I moved to Dallas. I volunteer there as a cat socializer and spend most of my time up on a ladder with the less socialized cats. During this time, I found myself spending a lot of time with one special girl, Oreo. While she was very shy and liked to hide in a cubby hole or under something, she was extremely affectionate when approached. It was always my dream to one day adopt her, but I already had two other cats, Chaz and Coca, and my turtle, Eddie, at home.


About three years ago, someone else fell in love with Oreo and put in an application to adopt her. Although I was sorry to see her go, her new mom insisted she was ready to take her time with Oreo’s shy, timid nature and give her a good home. Sadly, six months later, Oreo was returned to the shelter. I was horrified at her condition when I saw her again. She had lost weight, and her coat was filthy and full of dander. We cleaned her up and tucked her into her safe cubby hole, but her image haunted me. I felt I had let Oreo down, and I couldn’t live with myself if I had left her at the shelter. So, the next week, I went to the shelter, scooped her up, and took her home.


I took her to the vet right away to get her thoroughly checked out. We had to treat all of her fleas and flea bites, and her gums were horribly swollen and bleeding. (She eventually had to have all her teeth removed.) Worst of all, we found a shotgun pellet underneath the skin of her abdomen. During her first dental, the vet removed the shotgun pellet and was shocked to find many others. How could anyone shoot something so sweet and innocent?


As time went on and Oreo healed from her physical wounds, she slowly began healing from her emotional wounds, as well. When Oreo first came to my home, she literally lived in a closet off our bathroom. I sat with her every night in the closet petting her and talking to her, and it was during that time she morphed into a new name to fit her new personality: Cookie. Cookie eventually got the courage to curl up in my lap and lay on my chest. From there, she became even bolder, venturing out from the closet to the bathroom... to the bedroom... and just in the last 6 months, she’s become a fixture in our living room. She’s also learning to trust other people. She’ll now occasionally stay in the living room when visitors come over, and the lucky ones are even able to pet her!


The “wild cat”, as my husband first called her, has become “the angel” in our household. Although we’re still dealing with some medical issues (she recently had two tumors removed), the vet says she’s doing extremely well. Her weight is healthy, and she has a beautiful, shiny coat. When I look at her now, I get this intense feeling of happiness seeing her so peaceful and happy. I hope sharing her story makes other people realize that with a little patience, kindness, and love to a homeless pet, love and happiness will be returned to them ten-fold.


- Family: Lisa


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