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Rosie - Holding Out for a Family
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Rosie has been the DKC shelter dog. She is 12 years old and has spent her whole life at the shelter. Rosie has had issues, so was not an easy adoption candidate. In a word, she liked to bite people, although she always did it with a smile on her face.


One volunteer, Sandy, became her guardian angel, always visiting and taking Rosie for a ride (her favorite thing) and a Wendy’s treat (her most favorite thing!). Rosie would actually sit on Sandy’s lap in the car and place her own order at the drive through window – much to the amusement of the Wendy's staff. And, always kind-hearted, Rosie ordered treats for all the pups at the shelter.


Not too long ago, Rosie went lame in her left hind leg. She was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament, which probably occurred as she joyfully leapt into Sandy’s car, knowing her chicken tender treat from Wendy’s was at hand!! (We later learned this is not an uncommon injury in some breeds of big dogs or in overweight, older dogs.)


When Rosie's weight, age and blood panel flagged her as a poor surgical risk, DKC's Assistant Manager, Roger made it his special project to help Rosie diet, restrict her movement and get her healthy enough for corrective surgery.


One day Roger left her alone in the yard and Rosie “disappeared.” He was beside himself that she somehow got out and he had lost her. And then she came out of hiding, with her signature smile! At that point, he realized how much he loved this little dog and took her home. He has worked with his family and other pets to help her adjust. Rosie has found her forever home after 12 years!! We think she was holding out for Roger all these years because she adores her new family, smiles all the time, and is queen of her new castle.


Rosie is finally home, is doing fine and loving her new family as much as they love her.


- Family: Roger, Shelby & the kids


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