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Skipper's Blog
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Skipper's new family love him so much we are very updated on his status! Newest update is first.


Wed June 3, 2009: 10 months

Hi Ladies, this is Skipper,


My Daddy gave me permission to send a greeting since I've been so good for so long. Since i helped him so much while he was incapacitated, he's now certifying me as a therapy pet. That may not mean much to some, but to me it's a big deal! I also try to eat poop from others a lot less since I know I'm going to be reprimanded. There are lots of new furry friends here and some new human ones, so I have lots of enrichment in my life. I sport a new leash after the other one broke due to faulty stitching. This one is bigger and stronger and i can feel more secure with it. My harness is so good that I hate to take it off even for a bath which I tolerate, but it's not my favorite activity--exploring is!


I think my parents are planning something big for my 1 year anniversary in my permanent home because they go to the Petsmart pretty often. I'm hoping for treats like ice cream and bones , but they haven't told me anything yet. All my buddies like to walk with me and we sometimes play and tumble together. My choices are Labs and Hounds since they're the nicest to me.


Did you know that I'm becoming a good watchdog? I now bark whenever anyone comes near the territory. I protect what's mine--I'm a proud pack leader!


Love to all,





March 9, 2009: The Skipper Chronicles



In the 7 months, since Skipper adopted us, every month has been better than the ones before, and the past month has been the ultimate! While I'm at home all day with a fractured shoulder, the one positive constant has been the companionship of my beloved Skipper. He lies down by me and keeps me company and makes the time go by much quicker. If is would have been done alone, by now I would have bitten somebody, but he's made the siege tolerable.


He never jumps on the damaged wing, and he doesn't pull on his leash when we go walking, and he takes me walking a couple of times a day. He's protective when other animals get too close , or strangers come to the door. We're so glad he picked us to be his family, because he's enriched our lives in so many ways.


What a great pet the lil guy has been--how did he last so long at the Humane Society?





February 2, 2009: staying here--forever



This is Skipper. I'm staying here forever! I'm totally happy and am well cared for. It gets better for me. Daddy says he's going to be home with me every day for weeks because he had an axedent (sp) and got his shoulder shattered while working saturday. I don't know what that means, but he's here all day now. He keeps putting cold stuff on it and takes some kind of pills called a narkotik. when he takes it, he goes nite nite. I like having him around and maybe i can walk him soon.


What's a shoulder and do i need one too? Can he get another one? is there a shoulder store nearby? he says he'll tell me more next week after he sees a surgin guy. will i like this surgin guy? he better be good to my Daddy.



December 10, 2008: My Home

Hi folks,


This is Skipper the Min Pin and I've been unable to write due to an OS issue on Daddy's Mac. i'll now try to update you. Here's the latest --call it my 130 day report. For some reason, they're all excited because Daddy is leaving night shift for day shift 1/1/09. I don't know if I'm affected, but everyone else is giddy. Daddy is playing weird tricks on me--one time he takes me out to walk , it's 70 or 8o degrees. Next time , he's turned it down to 40 or so and turned on the wind machine. How wacky is that? Yesterday, in the morning, it was about 65 when I walked him, and then for the afternoon promenade, about 40 and this morning in the 20's. Sheesh! They tried me for several sweaters and coats, but none fit so well. I don't really care. I'm fine in any environment, but warm is really better. I do get friskier when it's under 50!


I've met all 5 grandchildren, and they all love me! I play with their cats and dogs, and all is fun. So far, I've travelled to the west, and the east and now am fluent in Texas as well as Louisiana. My best buddy at home is toby the Black lab who lets me be pack leader and Boomer the Basset Hound who just tolerates everything--he's a pushover. In Arlington, Sparkles the cat, Precious the Chihuahua and Charley the Guinea Pig are my friends.


I have my own allowance, many toys--mostly squeeze toy types- and a full pantry of pet food and treats. I'm living the dream! I am awaiting my brand new fence. They reinforced the old one in August, and now we're getting brand new fencing. I'm not sure if that matters to me--I'm never out there unattended and not on a leash and harness. My typing skills are improving and I have my own Office w/spell check-- Yippee !!!





October 13, 2008: 72!

Skipper has now been home for 72 days and in math, that has significance. The rule of 72 helps determine how long a particular investment requires to double in value. A 10% return takes 7.2 years to double in value, a 6% investment takes 12 years, etc.


The return on our investment in our little boy is off the charts! He's brought us priceless joy for 10 weeks! Some things just can't be measured conventionally--our pets fit in this category.


Happy Columbus Day!





September 26, 2008: My Latest



It's me Skipper. Sorry it took so long to get back with you, but I think my Daddy suspected that I might be using his laptop to send emails to my friends on my own, and he gets weird whenever I do, so I'm being very cautious. I had to lay low to throw off the scent which I certainly know about.


Here's the latest, I've got several pets in the area now playing with me and letting me dominate. As a true Pinscher, I'm into this and a well placed growl makes them cower. Once they show submissive behavior, we all play quite well together, but a few haven't yet learned the correct behavior. I'll bring them around, count on it--I do!


Okay, on to more important matters--I walk my Daddy a couple of times a day and he gets silly giddy when I go potty. Hey, it feels better to me than it does to him, so why is he so happy? He's such a parent! I've taken him to many new areas when I walk him and so far, he's a good walker. As far as humans go, he feeds me well , tries to keep up my pace and showers me with love .Just to trick him, I sometimes run instead of merely walking. He does his best, but I do have twice as many legs, so he has no chance, but bless his heart, he tries.


I now have Dachshunds as playmates and they're about my height but have a higher drag co-efficient. More Min Pins have appeared as well, and the kids all say I'm the nicest. I credit my foster Mom for that. Mama Pat, you did me right. Some pooches think I might be the boss, but most know it.


I eat really well, although the portions they give me are less than I'd prefer. They do make it up with bones--they have provided me with real bones and fake bones --until i have them hidden everywhere including in the laundry basket. Then I get more--what a life! They also got motion sensor lights put in everywhere so I'm able to come home at any hour to good light which I really like.


I do miss my old friends at the Society, but there really is no place like home. They had the windows all tinted so that I can look out everywhere without getting too warm and without triggering the A/C. When it comes on, i go under a blanket or sheet. They told me i can have a sweater when the cold weather gets here, and I'll take them to Pets Mart to help me pick one out. I'm thinking plaid, but we'll see the selections.


Again, please make sure you don't let them know I'm on the computer since i'm not supposed to get on without supervision. That spell check is a pain in my neck, but Daddy insists. Give my best to all my old playmates, and let's get together soon.






September 21, 2008: 50 days and 50 nights

Skipper has a favorite toy that looks like a hot dog on a bun. He'll play with it, toss it a foot or two and then grab it again. He also likes to play tug of war with the object.


After several weeks of one doggie being inhospitable, Skipper now has Coco happy to see him and play together. Her owner is amazed and pleased and says she's now interacting with others as well. That son of mine is a born diplomat! Neighbors come up to him to say hello and, of course, pet him and he's in his glory then. Several new puppies have arrived recently, and he's nurturing them as well.


He walks me a couple of times a day and takes me new places on occasion. No wonder we love the lil critter!



September 11, 2008: Skipper Hear!

Hi there, this is Skipper, and I just can't wait for my daddy to give my 6 week report. He is always saying we need to go for a walk, so I don't have a clue as to when he'll have time to write. If he knew I was on his laptop, he left it on, he'd be chuckling. He says I need to use spell check, and i say, he should get over it-I'm a dog, not a composer!


Well, here's the deal--I have my parents exactly where I want them. I eat, walk, play, sleep, tear stuffing out of my toys, and just entertaining my humans. I jump with enthusiasm for walks and food and they think it's really fun. I play with other pets in the area and occasionally grrr at some to show just whose the boss.


The other Min Pins are fun, but then again, so are a bunch of others. Today, I met a new one and she's a 12 week old Toy Boxer/Lab mix. I dominated her and she has now learned that I, Skipper, am Da Man! Jake the Bassett Hound fawned all over me today, and I've got him in line too.


Daddy had a worker here today, and he's just amazed at how calm and charming I am and when he sat down, I l decided to lie down next to him, and he petted me until his arm got tired. See, people want to pet us, and when we let them, they go giddy. Daddy says I'm the apple of his eye, so using his Apple seems right to me. Apples to apples, right? So I make some typos--big deal! I'm a Min Pin, not an epoch writer.


I still sleep on the bed every night so that my parents know just where I am. I'll eat whatever they put in my bowl, and whatever else I can find. I'll keep training my parents and if they stay trainable, they'll learn just how much I love being here. I'm really happy that they provide me with a home, food and a place to play with my toys. I'm going to go play now, so this is our secret. Don't tell them that i wrote--I'm not sure just how much they understand.





September 4, 2008: Skipper's One Month/Five-Week Report

Skipper is totally free of any separation anxiety and quite confident that abandonment is NOT in his future. He is really comfortable with everything now including all the pets in the entire complex. He's interacted with several Min Pins and knows them all by location. The other pets also have been in the mix. Some are great playmates for him, some are mutually ignored, and some are posturing. He enjoys the stimulation of numerous furry beings in the area.


Skipper has gone through about a half dozen stuffed squeeky toys and is tearing into a stuffed fish as I type. He has a collection of maybe 10 scattered strategically for all eventualities. We should be so well equipped!


His good behavior draws raves from everyone--including other pet people. They want me to train theirs, but I tell them he came to us already schooled. Some think I'm making it up-especially when their animals listen better to my commands than their own.


My lil model citizen continues to delight us all, and we thank our lucky stars and you two every day for the chance to have this joy. He wants to take his September allowance and hit Pets Mart soon. We're gonna let him!


[later edit] Skipper told me that I'd forgotten to tell you how energetic he became when the weather cooled this week. He ran rather than walked much of the time. I'm thinking that brisk will breed frisky in his activity. The wind didn't seem to phase him at all. Maybe he thinks he's a Husky or a Malemute! I'm thinking he's a dream!



August 29, 2008: Skipper's Four-Week Report Card

Skipper is in his glory! Due to shift changes, one of us is with him most days at most times. He gets 3 or so walks a day and enjoys them all. At home, he really works over his stuffed toys with the noise makers. If no one is looking, he'll chew paper like it's a gravy train. The dogs and cats in the neighborhood all provide him with stimulation as do the people. He has never met a person he dislikes.


The boy is well behaved most of the time and is certain that we're all here just for him--how did he know? He holds his head up high and proud much of the time. The rest he just sniffs. I can't imagine a finer addition than our adopted son. He loves the 6 year old grandchild and her cat, 2 dogs and Guinea Pig. When he greets you at the door, you know you're unconditionally loved by a sincere and sweet pet.


Anyone considering adopting from The Humane Society can expect great joy from their new family member. Skipper is a walking 4 legged endorsement of all pet things good coming from there.



August 21, 2008

It's official! Skipper is the darling of the family, the neighborhood, and the western world! Today, he had 3 walks for a total of 2.5 hours, and every animal in the complex knows he was about. Cats, dogs, birds all had interaction with our lil guy and some are still looking for him to come back out tonight.


He's so loving and affectionate and so grateful to you two for finding him the right home that he sends his humble thanks your way. His parents do likewise. Seeing him prance with his head held high and moving proudly makes your heart soar.


May all the animals at the shelter find good homes too.



August 11, 2008

Today he had a chance to walk on wet grass. Didn't bother my boy a bit. He's been sleeping some under a sheet and some under pillows for variety.


Skipper is so entertaining that it seems he could be in show business. I'm really not in favor because it would cut into his shopping time.



August 10, 2008

This weekend, Skipper went on his first overnight trip since moving into our casa. He had fun with our granddaughter, her Chihuahua --we all expected that-- and her Cattle Dog who's a big softie and loves everybody. He also after a brief standoff, played happily with the cat whose size --twice his-- left him at a disadvantage. The cat slapped him around a bit while playing chase so he needed to use strategy to even the odds. They parted as play mates and seemed to enjoy the cross species interplay most of the time. During his evening walk, he tried to chase after every cat he saw since they all looked like Sparkles to him.


Whenever his leash is near his mouth, he chews on it. He's now on yet another new one and we store them on the dryer. Everyone who sees him loves him. They all think he's really cute and friendly. His sphere expands with each walk and each new contact. He picked out a new device at the store that allows him to ride in the car secured with a seat belt and hooked on to his harness. The boy is a born shopper!! He's been to 4 different Pets Marts with us and finds treasures in each one.


It feels like he should have been with us all along.



Skipper Makes Progress

Today Skipper was perfect in every way. For about 4-5 hours he was home alone with no damage to anything, and greeted us like returning world leaders when we each arrived. I got kisses galore and was invited to tummy rub forever. He also really has taken to his new leash and harness and was protective when workmen were in the courtyard.


Here's the biggie (drum roll please), he met a girl Min Pin today named Shelby and they made fast friends. Sherry tells me she's a bit fluffy (read rotund) but very sweet.


Skip has toned a bit from his multiple walking days, and the boy loves his treats. He's responded beautifully to positive reinforcement and now suspects his nickname is, "Good boy, very good boy!" Our child has plenty of personality and now seems completely comfortable in his home. He knows where he lives, and if I walk him for too long, he wants to head that way and turns into the property every time.


All who have received his pics think he looks adorable and understand why we're so enchanted with our new baby. The kids in the neighborhood all love him and the adults are not far behind. I could not have picked a better companion if I'd had guidance from the world's leading pet authority. Thank you both for helping us expand our family to include this cute lil critter. He has no love for the crate, so I may junk those plans. He's even behaving in the car much more calmly.



First Time Home

Well, folks, we all missed the guess on our lil buddy. He managed to get up on the bed -- about 4' high, and he was curled up between us when I awakened at 5AM! No problem for a motivated critter. Today he went shopping with Mommy, and he used his whole allowance at Pets Mart. He got stuffed toys, Bully Sticks, a bed, a collar and a harness. Most of the items--all the toys--he picked out himself. He also went to the park and walked around the complex some more. He can leap onto most furniture, and he can figure how to climb on the rest.


He seemed a bit confused last night over the changes in his life, but by morning I was getting kisses, and he was acting very comfortable. When I got home, he greeted me at the door. The neighbors think he's really cute. We're getting ready for another walk in a little while, and he'll help me check the mail. He's every bit as much fun as we expected. He has nice manners and a really easy disposition. We couldn't have picked better!


I was going to crate him and put it in our room, but I think he likes the bed... and the couch..... and the chair..... and....


His latest, he jumped into my lap after our walk and stayed until he decided to go to the couch and nest on a pillow. Yes, he has his own pillow. Some neighbors he met this evening came to look at the unit next door knowing that they could pet him every time he saw them. He wanted to go bye-bye in their car when they left, so we'll take him for a ride tomorrow. He ignored a big cat along the way,but greeted some poochies. He does get enthusiastic. How did he last since last October? Whatever the reason, I'm glad he was there for us.


Skipper wants to thank everyone for his kind care since last October, and thanks everyone for waiting until he found just the right home. This morning, he's sleeping in after such a rigorous day one, and is under some pillows on our bed. I really was expecting a period of adjustment of a couple of weeks, but the lil guy is finding a rapid comfort zone is a fun thing. He already seems so happy and adjusted that it's hard to believe we've only been his family for less than 36 hours! It never ceases to amaze me how much animals enrich our lives as they do.


- Family: David


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