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The Princess and the Giant
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

In April 2004, someone dumped Leia and Lilith with 11 kittens at the shelter. Right from the start, it was apparent that each was special -- but one was a Princess -- and her name is Anastasia.


Friends had recently lost their cat, so I took Anastasia hoping to cheer them up and fill that hole in their family, but they just weren’t ready to adopt.


While I knew she would have no trouble finding a home, I didn’t realize how easy it would be. While all 3 pounds of Anastasia was at my home, she met Hoover, my 7 year old boy. He was in mourning, having recently lost our beloved Chelsea, but Anastasia brought a smile to his face.


Anastasia connected with my boy. They romped and played, she literally rode him like a pony – and he fell in love. She chased him around the house, and he ran as though terrified of the little ball of fur. She is an alpha cat (at that time an alpha kitten), which was fine with him. He adopted her, groomed her, cuddled with her and put up with whatever she had to dish out (which was a lot!). At night, the two nested (photo attached) and so our family was whole again.


We had four joyous years together, loving and laughing at the antics of the pair.


In February 2008, Hoover succumbed to a very aggressive cancer. Until the end, she cuddled with him and let him know her love.


Now Anastasia was in mourning. Her big brother and best friend was gone. We wanted to adopt to allay her sadness, but alpha Anastasia needed a non-alpha big brother. (We gave up on getting a sister because she literally beats up every female that comes into the house. While she tolerates her little sister, Laurel, she has made it clear “no more sisters!”)


Along came Geofferson, a 15 pound, 7 year old male found “running at large.” When I turned him in to the shelter, I had no idea he was exactly what Anastasia needed, until his personality emerged. Geofferson is a gentle giant (photo attached). He suffers damage to both front legs (whether birth defect or injury, we will never know). He is also FIV (aids) positive, but once my vet confirmed there was no real danger unless they aggressively fought, he came home to meet the Princess – and as they say, the rest is history. All was right with the world.


She socks him in the face and he darts away, pretending he is so scared … laughing all the way. They pose like chipmunks and “box” with one another and he has learned to follow her commands, thank you very much! And he loves Laurel too. This boy was a keeper.


Our lives are fuller and happier with these little furry friends as part of our families. When one is a princess, Anastasia will have you know, one is doubly blessed!!


- Family: Felicia


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