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Brie's Story
Saturday, 22 November 2008

I am only writing this as, due to the meeting of so many wonderful, loving people, I can imagine that some would like to know the story of how Brie, the national star, finally came to being adopted. I would think that many came to love her and only wish that she would find a loving home. She finally did!!!


I first heard of your shelter through Petfinder, who notified me of a small dog, Colette. I like many others fell in love with her; my reasons were this: I had a tea cup Terrier/Chi mix for 24 years, his name was Cujo and he went into kidney failure and had to go to doggie heaven in 2003. Then in 2005, Precious, the miniature Pomeranian that I had for 17 years, went to join Cujo. All my friends were pressuring me to go and get another small baby, and I just wasn't ready. When seeing Colette's picture she was the perfect mix of what I had lost, down to the perfect coloring. I decided to go see her and put in my application along with many others. I held her and while I was there many others came for the same reason. My attention was turned to another dog in the small yard; the gate was unlocked and I asked Roger if it was OK if I went in and saw her. After spending time with this puppy, I asked Roger the story of this baby. I found out her name was Brie, how long she had been there and even that she had been on TV. I asked that her name be added to my application and the process began.


I hope soon to personally meet more of the volunteers who took care of this precious baby until she came into my life. We need so many more like each and every one of you on this earth. Please be assured that Brie is not a dog to me, but now a family member. She will never know she is a dog, she is now with family. Because of this experience I soon will be volunteering and doing all I can for this shelter. Brie is not only getting something out of all this, but I hope to be a better person for this experience. Many thanks and know she is truly loved and will be visiting, sending pictures and emails to the shelter. Roger was probably wanting to push me back into my car the first time I visited that shelter, as it was more than a few hours' visit. I did look at all the dogs there, visited with them, but always came back to Brie. This, like any adoption, was a big decision for me and also the dogs I already have at home. Roger made one comment that stuck with me, that maybe Colette brought me to Brie. That is how I choose to look at this, not that I lost, but I gained a baby that is harder to adopt, that needs love and I have so much to give.


Here is Brie's adoption story and I know if she could talk she would thank each and every person who touched her early life. For Monique, who does take the time to be sure they are in a safe, loving home. For Sandra, whose love just oozes out with each animal and just with one meeting with her you would like to have her in your corner the rest of your life. There of course is Roger who probably spent lots of time with Brie and I am sure she will miss. And many others whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting personally or may have forgotten to mention, many thanks on behalf of Brie and her new family.


Love to all.

- Family: Debby, Bud, Max & Niki


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