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George Says Hi
Tuesday, 19 May 2009

George (formerly known as Bix) wanted to check in and say HI to the gang at the Humane Society. I am his mom Angie and this is what he told me to write, (he tries to use the computer, but he gets the keys confused.)


Thanks for the rescue from the kill shelter and the move to the Humane Society. I sat around for so many months waiting to meet my new mom and family and boy did I luck out, although she says she's the lucky one. Let's see where do I start.


I sleep with my mom, right up against her every night!!! I have two pillows on the couch that let me look out onto the canal while I am laying down.can you believe it, I can see out the window without even moving a muscle!!! I have a sister, (she thinks she's royalty) her name is Becca. Becca taught me to play and have fun. We run up and down the stairs. at the top of the stairs we turn the corner fly onto the bed.then we screetch around on top of the bed and fly down, then it's back down the stairs (oh and we bark along the way!) Do you know how much fun that is? My leg muscles have gotton super strong and I can go forever now before I get tired!! My family takes me on long walks at least 3 times a day, usually with my sister and my really good friend Max (he's a really big red dog, and another rescue too). I have a deck which has a great view, I can see everything from there.


I work at a great job. They call me a supervisor. My sister has the same job. We sit in the garage on really nice days, we each have comfy beds, and it's our job to bark and jump up and down when anyone or anything goes by. Some days are busier than others. The pay is great!!! We get really special treats and everyone stops to pet us. We take lots of breaks, and even get in a few mini naps. By the afternoon it's time for a real nap so we snooze on the couch or on the cool floor for a few hours then we get another long walk. This is the life, it was well worth waiting for.


I got to go to Pet Smart in Dallas not too long ago and hang out with all the volunteers from the shelter, at first I don't think they recognized me, see I go to the PawSpa, I get my haircut, blueberry facials and massages. My hair has grown out from when I lived at the shelter, I am quite good looking now, if I do say so myself. All of my friends here at home are rescues like me, yes, even my sister!! Sometimes we all sit around and laugh about how we tricked our families into falling in love with us. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We just smile and roll on our backs, show our tummies and they come running.


That's pretty much it, I think it's time for lunch, so my break is coming up. Thanks for everything.


P.S. The first picture is of me at the shelter the one with the flag makes me look presidential. I also included some of my sister and me at work, (I am the one with the red collar.)


- Family: Angie


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