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Sweet Akita
Thursday, 01 October 2009

We got her home and she is just wonderful! It's like she's been there with us since day one. This kitty knows and lives house life very well!


Kris was great - polite, caring, and thoughtful. She told us all about Akita's history, and even helped me pick out some cat food. Please pass on our appreciation for her making the special trip for us.


We got Akita home and opened the cat carrier in the spare bathroom where her litter is. We took her from the carrier straight to the litter so she would know where that is. Then, we watched her as she explored the house, room to room, even the bathrooms. She would pass by the rooms she had already been in, knowing where she had been!


She loves the window sills and window seat cutouts. We have a bird feeder right out there, so she will have fun watching "kitty TV", as Debbie calls it!


When she found the couch, she jumped up there and started watching TV. We got a good laugh out of that one. By evening we were on the couch with her, she layed between us, loving the dual attention. She even jumped down and stayed on the floor when we ate.


She likes to be carried so we did that here and there, showing her the 5' tall view of the house. I took her back to the litter a few times just so she'll know where it is in relation to everything else. She did go on her own, so that's great!


I'm a weather buff, so I was on the front porch during the storms and lightening last night. Akita stayed right behind the glass storm door a few feet away from me, watching me, not afraid in the least of the thunder and lightening.


She met the dog after a couple of hours. Crystal (a medium/large husky mix, 12 years old) came up to her slowly, and the cat hisses and swatted at her - which was great - we want Akita to establish her place. Crystal backed off, thinking "okay then!" but by the end of the night, they were passing within 2-3' of each other without incident. At one point, before bed, Akita approached Crystal and sniffed her on the nose. Crystal didn't react - all good! I think they will become friends.


We've got a metal pet door (one of those metal ones on the shelf right across from the cats at that PetSmart) on the bedroom door leading to Akita's bathroom - it blocks the dog but allows the cat - Akita already has that figured out. That way, Akita's food, water, and litter are protected from the dog and Akita will have her own "room" to retreat to, if needed. Crystal is now being crated during the day when we're at work - we're having to deal with a door trim chewing issue - so there is an initial level of separation between the dog and cat, starting out.


Akita slept with us, on the foot of the bed for awhile, but found her own space at some point in the night. We put a stool at the end of the bed so she can jump up and down, easier. Very quiet, no "talking" at all! She awoke us this morning with kisses when the alarm went off. We couldn't ask for a sweeter kitty!


Thank you!


- Family: Clay & Debbie


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