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Bogart's Home
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Update on May 16, 2010: "Bogart aka Boggy is just the most loving boy ever and is doing great. I can pick him up now anytime I want and carry him around on my shoulders. We love and kiss each other all the time. He just loves to play with me and be loved on. I have attached 3 pics of him. Enjoy!"


Update on October 20: More cute pictures of Bogart added at the end of the gallery. You can see the gallery by clicking on Bogart's photo at the left.


Bogart is a gray tabby/Maine Coon mix who came to the shelter six months ago when he was found wandering on the streets in Irving. That was quite a feat since he is blind, born with no eyes. He immediately captured the attention and care of shelter cat volunteers. He was sweet with people and wanted to make friends and he navigated the room easily, finding his food, litter box and jumping on and off shelves and tables very sure of himself. He was also playful and would gnaw at a backpack's strips with great pleasure. He knew people by their sound and greeted them by rubbing against their legs.


However, he was frustrated to be confined to sickbay, and sometimes he would attack people that made sudden approaches towards him. He also dominated the other cats, making up for his lack of sight with aggressiveness. He was adopted after one month and immediately returned to the shelter after he injured the arm of his adopter, and then he spent three more months in sickbay. In a kill shelter he would not have been given much time- with his special needs, he was the walking definition of unadoptable. But the volunteers of Dog & Kitty City hoped to find him a right place one day. He was not wild or out of control; he was simply not comfortable there.


And then, about a month ago, Bogart found a foster home, which is where the success part comes in. His foster mom, Helene, offered Bogart a quiet home and lots of love and acceptance. Very soon she was writing to the shelter that she wanted to adopt him, or as she put it--


Bogart will be wanting to stay here as his new furrever home with his new meowmom and siblings. Oh, you just can't even know how well he has done and is doing. We have spent so much time together as one on one and we do huggss and head bumps and I give him big forehead kissess all the time. He likes to get on my shoulders from the window seat and then talks to me as I gently lower him.. This is his comfort bonding with me. This is letting him know how much to trust me. He also likes for me to put him in the window seat. Again he is showing his trust with me. I have been rubbing his paws each time I am with him (so he could get used to my touch) and now we trim a toe nail each day. We started this weekend letting two babies [cats] at a time into his room and he has done so good with them. One of the boys laid with Bogart and before I knew it Bogart was giving this baby a bath. Yes, he was just licking this baby's face all over. Of course I have been supervising. Bogart is just so calm, loving and content.. He and I play alot with his toys. Bogart and I have been talking to each other and we have made each other's hearts complete.


After the adoption, Helene sent pics of Bogart lounging around the house, one of them ("happy Bogart") showing him lifting his paw as a high-five when he heard the adoption had been granted. She then sent even more pictures and added:


All is good with Bogart. He is just doing great. I have him harness trained now. Yesterday we put the kitty harness on him with a drop leash and let him go everywhere in the house. He started at 7:30 AM and did not stop going everywhere until 7:30PM last night.. When I put him back in his room he was like sound asleep within 30 min. He had a blast. I still want to supervise this for awhile, but hey he and the other babies did great! I have learned in the past this is a very good way to intro in the house. The drop leash to the harness is only for me to see where he is and the harness is to be able to handle him if needed. I will attach a pic of him in the living room by one of the toys. You will see the pink leash. No no I did not tell him he was dressed in pink!


One final update of Bogart settling in, from yesterday, Oct 12th:


Well, you will be pleased to know Bogart is in the mainframe now and not looking back. He is out in the main controling the household with the other babies. He does not stay in his room or on a harness with a drop leash any longer. He is doing great with the others. He is just a big Love Muffin. It's like he has been here furrever and he knows this is home.. He loves to jump into the bathtub and drink out of the water faucet. I just love him so much and give him love kisses and belly rubs all the time. He was meant to be in his furrever loving home.


Oh, by the way, Bogart's second name is Melite - means honey sweet in Greek.


Thank you, Helene, for giving Bogart a home. This is the kind of story our shelter wants to have for every cat and dog in our care. Look at those pictures and see how happily adjusted Bogart is now!


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