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Trust Comes with Patience - Maggie
Sunday, 01 November 2009

Dear DKC, We wanted to let you know how well Maggie [formerly Martelle] is doing! She has settled into our routine and loves her new home. Maggie is a very smart little girl, she has learned sit, lie down, ask to go outside to potty, off, "go lay down" (she has a special spot in the kitchen) and COME. :) The last one was the hardest! We realized Maggie had probably been chased at some point, because she would approach us when we called her... smell the treat... then bolt before we could stop her. It was hard, I'll be honest... but we all learned patience really does pay off! Maggie trusts us now, and instead of worrying that she will run when I come home and open the gate in our driveway... I just open my truck door and she jumps right in!! She's so happy to be with our family.... and we are so happy to have her. Thanks, and please let all adopters know it just takes time and patience and it's MORE than worth it!!!!!!


- Family: Maria


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