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Clyde - the Greatest Dog on the Planet
Thursday, 21 January 2010

Clyde has definitely gained weight since we got him and is up to 77.8 pounds (he finally has started to grow into his “Marmaduke” like feet). He still bounds around all the time but doesn’t quite realize how big he is and that he is strong enough to knock you over if you aren’t paying attention, which keeps us on our toes and laughing.


We take Clyde on two walks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening (as we have since we got him) and each walk is about a mile. He really enjoys his daily walks and in the morning if we aren’t ready to go and he is, he will either push his head under the covers and poke our feet with his nose, or come to the side of the bed and lick our face until we are up. Once we are up and getting ready to go, he entertains us with several stretches and yawns that turn into happy howls that always make us laugh. He also loves to play catch or fetch with his Kong in the backyard and will play for hours (he never once was in our backyard without one of us next to him or on a leash until we got our new fence). In one of the pictures you can see one his blankets on the ground. He moves them throughout the yard during the day when he wants to lounge in another area.


In November he graduated from his 8 week training class at PetSmart and was one of the most well behaved dogs in the class (he was the trainer’s favorite). He has been to doggie day care and is a favorite of the entire staff as well.


He saw snow for the first time over Christmas at my parents house during the blizzard in Oklahoma and was so happy running through the powder he didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t want to come inside and would play outside for hours on end with my entire family.


Clyde still has the exact same temperament and is a total softie (unless he is home alone with Jenn and hears a noise and then he becomes uber-protective of her and will growl and bark with the hair on his back raised until he feels whatever it was he heard is gone), he is playful, and loves to get attention and be near and or touching people (he likes to give hugs with one paw over your shoulder). He has now been around newborns to older people and all he does is want to lick them and play. He loves to chase squirrels and tries to eat every leaf, twig, and stick he can get. He snores while he sleeps. We have decided he is the greatest dog on the planet.


We (Clyde especially) wanted to thank you [Pat] for doing all the amazing and underappreciated work you do in being an advocate and protector at the humane society. Attached are a bunch of pictures we have taken since Clyde joined our family. We hope you enjoy them, and hope all is well with you.


PS- we promise the Sooner jersey was only on him long enough to take pictures for Halloween as it was a gift from my parents.


- Family: Josh and Jenn


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