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Diabolical Dewey
Thursday, 04 February 2010

Hello there!


I'm dropping a line to let you all know that we are so appreciative to everyone at Dog and Kitty City that helped us to find the perfect kitty for us in July of 2009. Dewey (aka Hickory) is absolutely wonderful!!


I have grown up with cats/kittens: we used to foster them for a shelter near our home. There was no amount of cat-exposure that could prepare me for Dewey, though. He is such a little hellion! At eight months old, he weighs over 12 pounds, and hardly has an ounce of fat on him. He's just a big boy! His fur is a soft, creamy orange and is so long and gorgeous. His tail is nearly as long as the rest of him, and is super fluffy.


Dewey is like a child to me, he is such a sweetheart (when he's not being a total monster, that is, haha). He is an only kitty, so he is very attached to me and my fiancé. He will wake up from a nap to follow one of us if we go to the kitchen or the bathroom: he prefers us all to be in the same room. When he's awake, he races around the apartment, lays in wait for us to walk around a corner so he can spring up and "surprise" us and take off running, and he is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with running water. He is the nosiest cat I've ever seen, and stands on his hind legs like a meerkat when he hears a noise outside or upstairs, or so he can see things in the trashcan.


His original "mom" sent an e-mail to tell us about a bug chaser toy he had loved as a kitten, and he STILL loves it to this day. He plays with it all day. There is also a seagull on a string (pictures included) that he is obsessed with. The toy is named "Stanley", and he drags Stanley all over the house. He thinks Stanley loves water as much as he does, too, because he will drag Stanley to his water dish, drop him into it, and then push him around the bowl.


Dewey's favorite game, by far, is to rough-house with my fiancé. He play-bites and jumps on him and rolls around on the floor: it's so cute! I think he must think he's a dog, or something, with his love of water, his playfulness, and his ability to fetch (when he feels like it).


He's just an absolute joy, such a bundle of energy, and we love him more and more every day. You have given us such a wonderful little creature, and we couldn't be more thankful for him! I've included some pictures for you all to see how he's growing! There are a mixture of younger pictures and pictures of him now.


- Family: Jamie


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