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Spencer's Warm Homecoming
Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you know that it has been a week since we picked up Renzo and brought him home and what a week it has been.


He has adjusted so well and seems so happy. Our other dogs have accepted him as part of the family and he and Murphy (our 4 yr. old male schnauzer) have become best buds. They even sleep together. Maggie, my 2 yr old female schnauzer did not care much for the new "intruder" in her home and would literally leave the room when Renzo entered. But that is all behind us and she has started to play with him and doesn't run the other way when he approaches her.


He's eating well and has even adjusted to my pet parrot! Who would have thought. We took him for his wellness check up on Friday and he passed with flying colors. And then we took him to the groomer for a nice little haircut and you wouldn't believe what a beautiful dog was underneath all that fur! He is absolutely gorgeous.


But most importantly, he is a little character and he brings so much happiness and life to our home. He is affectionate and attentive and can't wait to share all of his love with us. He is a true fit to our home and we are thrilled with him.I brought him by the Adopt-a-Pet on Saturday to show off his new haircut and let everyone know that he was doing great.


On a side note, we did change his name. I really liked the name Renzo and we still catch ourselves calling him that but we decided he looked more like a "Spencer" to us. I don't think it matters to much to him. He just likes the fact that his new home is warm, dry and there is food in his bowl. He also seems to love having brothers and a sister and is pretty happy with his new mom & dad. Thank you so much for taking care of this special little guy until he found his way into our home and our hearts. To some that saw him at the Adopt-a-Pets he might not have been the perfect match. But he is perfect for us. Again, thank you for keeping his alive and safe. You are working on the side of the angels.


- Family: Gayle and Scott


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