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Annie, the Blessing
Friday, 19 February 2010

Annie is so sweet and I love her immensely. I know there is a God who loves us all. Over a year ago I had a prompting that I should get a puppy. My husband said absolutely not. So time went by and I still felt this prompting. I told John that the prompting was not going away. He agreed that we could get a puppy but the time was not right. I knew that the puppy had to be special because I wanted Dan (our dog) to be happy too. More time went by and then John got the prompting that the time was close at hand. We searched through the internet for puppies. We both searched on our own computers at different times. We both fell for Bebo's picture. On our way to see Bebo I had a fear that she would be gone before we got there. I cried out to God in my heart. My fear subsided and I just felt a calm come over me. I knew everything would be alright.


So my prayers were answered and Annie came home with us. She fell in love with Dan instantly. They were so cute together. He helped potty train her and taught her not to bark at the door bell. He also helped her get more comfortable with her walks outside. If she cried out he was right there to make sure she was alright. He was so sweet and patient with her. Yes I am typing in past tense because on 2-6-10 my family lost the best dog ever. It was so quick and so unexpected. In an instant a part of me died in the pain of losing one of my best friends. Dan was my shadow. I just loved that dog so much. He was the best dog and knew probably close to a hundred people. We all cried together. No dog could or can take Dan's place.


For this I am so grateful for Annie. She soothes my broken heart with her sweet kisses. She is so smart and learns quickly. It is so awesome that she does so well with positive praise. She knows how to sit, stay, wait, fetch, drop it and she comes when she wants to. Yes she still has a lot to learn but I enjoy our days together. She is so cute. She is hardly ever alone. She is never outside without supervision. And only spends a little time in her crate. I do hide treats in her bedding so it gives her something fun to do in her crate that she enjoys. We are socializing her everyday. She has play dates with dogs nearby. And just to let you know she has only spent one night alone. My kids take turns sleeping with her. She did break her potty training record and has had a few mistakes in the house due to people not watching her closely. But still she is doing so well with the potty training. She is one very loved puppy. My vet office already loves her too. One other thing - her head has changed colors. It is now dark brown.


God knew we needed her as much as she needed us. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to help sweet Annie have a fun life with us.


- Family: Shona and John


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