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Scenes in the Lives of Wes and Fred
Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fred has some acne on his chinny chin so we have been bathing it with warm water and once using kitty shampoo on it. Wes watched this process intensely. A couple of days ago, he jumps up to the "where you get a brushing table" BUT he doesn't want a dry brush. He would not quit fidgeting and swatting until I got a wet wash rag and soaked him down. Dale was watching and could hardly believe it. Yesterday and today I did the same. I try to dry him some. He just loves it. He smells better and is soft and fluffy.


They have a new heated mat that they spend lots of time on. Fred has a couple of two inch mice that he plays with for long stretches then hides really well. Wes still has his 2 inch Christmas mouse. Fred's new stuff was the lures off a kitty "fishing" pole Dale got them. Once Fred got a load of the mouse lures, the pole was useless. The game became tug of war and Fred was NOT planning to lose.


Last night Frederick slipped into the room I sleep in and wound up inside with the door shut and the lights off. What a loud lot of talking and complaining happened then. The neighbors may have wondered about that sound. It didn't last long as soon as Dale figured out where the sound was coming from. That cat is quick.


I just now was slow getting a little cottage cheese off my plate by the sink. I walked off and then heard china clinking with a fork or something. Well, these two are still standoffish, BUT if that owner woman was so silly to leave leftover dairy product on a plate, they were willing to teamwork. Fred left first, I don't scare Wes so much so he stayed close to see if I left this stuff out. I gotta say this twosome is entertaining.


Dale got one to sleep on one side of Dale on the couch, and the other on his other side last evening. They had a good sleep. Wes had bad dreams and Dale soothed him with strokes. Then Wes woke up and did the usual march across the lap before getting down thing. Well, Wes forgot about Fred. He had some reaction when he met Fred on Dale's other side.


Neither chose to sleep with me, but they would parade through the room and check on my being there.


They have gotten to the point where they can stand close to each other without hissing or swatting. Freddie is able to back Wes off quite well. Fred goes to treats and toys and people first. So if I had to guess top cat right now, I say Fred. But who knows what it'll look like an hour from now. Wesley just goes off and sulks when Fred takes first shot at toys or treats.


Wes is shedding. His double coat really puts out the floating fuzz. I am kind of scaredy with the furminator, so I wait for Ros to do that. I use the rubbery thing. Wes LOVES it. But when you pet him he wants to say when (always in this case), and how, and where. I missed the signal today and got the back of my hand scratched. When we are petting him, he is picky too. That tummy MUST be rubbed, just right and for a good long while. When he is done or he has been touched wrong, he strikes. I have to get out quick... or bleed. But from Wes's side, I know he was just barely swatting or biting. I have seen him go after the toys.


Fred has grown enough we have to look at the underside when we walk up to them, to tell which is which. Fred must have been eating off people plates before he came here. We go in another room and close the door at meal time, otherwise Fred's face will be in the middle of our plate after one well executed jump up. Last night Dale's Rugelach was what Fred wanted. That dessert is flaky and sugary and buttery. Fred OPENED the container and ate two of the five plum sized pieces. His litter box action was liquid, but he seems okay. He found a mouse that he loves. The FATCAT catfisher rod and reel had a lure on the end. There was NO third time for casting the lure. Fred got hold of that and the game changed to tug of war. Now we have taken the mouse off the fish line and it is Fred's mouse. He is getting really quick and accurate at games.


Wes's favorite is another mouse. Dale spends quite a bit of time with a flashlight and a long handled duster retrieving these mice from under the stove. Apparently, such precious toys require safe keeping at some times. Fred's mouse got really lost (to us, he gets it when he wants it). Dale saw Wes bring Fred Wes's mouse as an offering. Dale thought that was sweet. They are playing together better, sleeping separately. If Fred is on top of the four foot cat tree, Wes might go up and poke him some, but Fred stays there. And no swinging starts up.


They did think the snow was weird.


- Family: Linda and Dale


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