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Chloe's New Things
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You can read the previous update on Chloe here.


Chloe is still small, but getting round. I'm sure it's because she is on kitten food still. She still loves to play with Allie. Allie doesn't like to play, but it is so cute to see her trying to play with Allie. She follows Allie everywhere. Allie will run to try and get away from her but Chloe tags right behind her and right on her tail. Allie knows when Chloe is on the move because she has two bells on her collar. If Allie hears the bells she looks all around.


Chloe's new thing is getting on counters and taking things that do not belong to her. I had a medicine syringe on the counter. I took it apart to clean it and the next day I went to give the baby his medicine and one part of the syringe was missing. When we went to bed that night we found it in our bed. She takes earrings, chap stick, sock covers, you name it, if it's left out she will take it!


I had a daycare family leave because the one child developed allergies to cats. I'm not giving up either of my babies so I had to let them go.


Attached is a picture of Chloe sleeping on the computer chair, sleeping with the dog we dog sit. (Chloe was under the weather for that picture as it was the same day she had gotten fixed.) She won't go near the dog right now unless it's to hit her with her paw. And here are pictures of her trying to figure out how to get the fish in the fish tank!


- Family: Joy & Jeff


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