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Jada the Graduate
Thursday, 15 April 2010

As you can see from the picture, we took Jada to an obedience training class. This is her graduation picture! She loved the classes and because of her love of the classes she eventually got to where she wasn't afraid to be in the car anymore. No more whining or panting! In fact she loves car rides now because it usually means play time at the park or obedience class.


She is really such a good dog for our family. When we first brought her home, we would put her in the kennel before we left the house, and she hated that. After the first month or so, we started practicing leaving her alone in the house for a little bit at a time to see how she did when we weren't home. She did great and can even stay home alone on Sundays with no problems while we go to church and then lunch.


She gets to go on lots of walks. I take her on several 2-4 mile walks each week, and my husband will even take her on a run with him about once a week. She walks the kids to school in the mornings with my husband and then goes with me to get them after school. She has kind of become the school mascot of sorts. All the school kids file out of the school and flock to her, calling her name and bathing her with pets. She is so, so gentle with all the kids, never jumping on any of them. We still have to watch her jumping on adults though! It's interesting to me that she seems to know that she has to be extra gentle with the kids! It's been fun to watch kids that were scared of her at first, come run up to her and give her hugs.


Other things I love about her: she sleeps on the floor in our room every night; she comes every time she is called (even by the kids!); she stays off the furniture; she's learned to stay on the carpet in the living room when we all sit down to eat dinner in the kitchen; she's learned a new trick where you can put a treat on her paw saying "Leave it!" and will wait for you to say "Take it!" before gobbling it up; she doesn't get in the kitchen or bathroom trash cans; she doesn't bark when someone knocks at the front door; she doesn't try to push her way past us out the front door when we open it for a visitor; she walks pretty well on a leash without too much pulling (she could be better for the kids though!); and finally she wins everyone's heart that meets her!


The only thing we have to be careful of is that she loves my daughter's stuffed animals!! Every once in a while you can hear her tearing through the house, and you can bet that she has one of those stuffed animals in her mouth! Fortunately she doesn't tear them up...just runs around with them in her mouth. She does have one of her own that I got her once I realized that she loved animals, but she still sometimes prefers my daughter's!! I'm sure it is an attention-getting tactic!


That's probably more than you wanted to know! I promise you she is in good hands. :)


Take care!


- Family: Johanna & John


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