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Molly the Ferret
Saturday, 24 April 2010

I thought you might like an update and a couple pics of Molly (formerly known as Apple). The picture of her and Roxie is how she spends every nice day. She loves being outside (as long as it is not raining or dark - she'll only go out at night when I go with her) and usually runs in and out the doggie door all day. She and Rox chase each other, jump on each other and then lay in sun. Molly did not appreciate the snow this past winter, especially the last one when she was all primed for spring. I was going to take a picture of her in the snow for you but I couldn't get one - she wasn't outside long enough!


I think that Molly is part ferret. She has a great capacity for getting into stuff. For example, she opened the zipper on my son's backpack, removed a Ziploc container, opened by the blue tab (the only teeth marks were on the tab opener) and then ate the peanutbutter and jelly sandwich that was in it!


Two weeks ago my girlfriend came for a visit from Wisconsin. Molly was out in the backyard and Sue walked into the back gate before me. Molly stood straight, ears erect and barked soundly at Sue, not aggressive or mean but definitely holding her own. I was so happy to see that. In the past she cowered around someone she doesn't know and I was so pleased she had some self-confidence. She is beginning to come out of her shell even with strangers.


She is really a sweet dog. Every so often she'll do something she's not supposed to - like chase the squirrels or swipe one of the kids toys and all it takes is a "Molly, what are you doing" and she sits down and give you these great puppy dog eyes like "who me? I'm innocent, could this face be guilty?" It is the cutest thing. We just love her to pieces and she and Roxie are best friends. You never see one without the other. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job fostering her - she's a delight.


- Family: Debby


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