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A Tale of Two Black Cats
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Susan came to DKC looking for a cat for her father who lives in an assisted living facility and who had recently lost his feline companion. Susan took snapshots of several worthy candidates to show to her father, including Apollo, a 5 year old black male cat who had lived at DKC for 4 years. Susan next visited the Luvapet Center and took more photos.


Earlier in the year, Apollo had almost been adopted, and a blue collar was placed around his neck so that he could be found easily by the staff when his new mom came to pick him up and take him home, but she never returned for him.


Susan and her family decided that Apollo would be a good match for her dad. Apollo was friendly, polite, handsome, and confident.


The adoption counselor told the shelter staff that Susan would be dropping by the shelter to adopt Apollo, the black cat with the blue collar. The counselor was unaware there was another black cat named Jet who was wearing a blue collar. Susan was given Jet and delivered her to her father who was excited to have his new companion, and Jet adjusted to her new home very quickly.


When the mistake was discovered, Susan was notified immediately. However, she decided that Jet would remain with her father because he had become very attached to her and renamed her Lucy.


It looked like Apollo had lost his chance for a home again. Then, about a month later, Susan contacted the adoptions web site and advised that she was considering adopting Apollo for herself. She had other cats at home and was trying to figure out how to integrate Apollo into her household. Susan decided to give Apollo a chance and took him home. A few days later, Susan reported they were enjoying a harmonious transition, and Apollo, now known as Esau, was a sweet cat who had a ticklish spot on his side that when tickled, prompted a love nip.


Two lucky black cats indeed.


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