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The Fantastic Four
Sunday, 03 October 2010

Fred, Emmet, and Elmo are adapting very well to their new home. Fred loves being petted and he’s very fond of us. Emmet, the kisser of the three, really enjoys snuggling up to my husband and I as we lounge on the couch. Then, there’s Elmo, who was slow to get over hairballs, but once we introduced butter to his diet it didn’t take him long to improve and at the same time, we discovered that butter is something he wouldn’t mind eating on a regular basis. All three cats love to bask in the sunlight that comes through our windows.


Also, the addition of these three cats to our family has done wonders for Wes, our other cat. He has slimmed down from all the hilarious races and games these characters dream up. He sings arias to his little red mouse with fringe like hair in the middle of the night with the mouse in his mouth while he parades around. He is an amazing and pleasing baritone. We’re very happy to have all of these fellows as part of our family and so is Wes, as you can see.

- Family: Linda


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