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Tuesday, 09 August 2011

Otis [formerly Jeep] and I are doing wonderfully! I moved in March and now live in a new apartment with just Otis and I - and he is loving it! We spend lots of time at my boyfriend's home as well and he makes himself at home in both places. :) He only had very minimal potty accidents when he first came home with me, and has had none since then. He does have a little bit of an affinity for destroying pillows, but I think we have that under control now!


Otis has had no health issues at all - he's a very healthy boy, which is good, because the vet isn't his favorite place in the world! When he first came home, he would growl at everyone new he met, especially people who didn't give him his space right off the bat. But he has gotten so much better. He'll still growl occasionally, but most of the time he does it while he's trying to cuddle with the new person - he's a little confused on if he likes new people or not - it just takes him a little bit to warm up, but he LOVES new dogs.


Some of Otis' favorite activities are napping on the back of the couch, sleeping under all of the covers, finding the squeaker in all of his toys, playing with his friend Jax (my boyfriend's brother's dog), and chasing squirrels. I have never seen a dog tear up stuffed toys so quickly, either!


I have attached a few pictures, and I'll try to post to Facebook tonight as well. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Otis. He is just the sweetest boy in the whole world!


- Family: Ashley


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