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Tuesday, 09 August 2011

I am pleased to report Flower is doing very well and we are totally in love with her. We call her Flower instead of Sunflower just because it's easier to call her with a shorter name, hehe. I believe she has adjusted quite well to her new home and feels comfortable with her routines, etc. She is a real sweetheart!


Flower is a happy dog who loves people, but is not as well socialized with other dogs. My daughter adopted a dog, Daisy, at the same time we adopted Flower and even though they were found together, Flower is not too fond of her, but she has developed some level of tolerance. I think Flower feels threatened by other dogs. Oh well. It's just something we have to keep working on. I did take Flower to basic obedience classes at PetSmart last January.


I would say Flower loves taking walks, playing fetch and tugging on her toys, and going places in the car with us most of all. She eats well and gets fruit, green vegetables and/or boiled chicken every day in addition to her regular dog food.


We took her to Canada with us earlier this summer and she had her first trip on an airplane. She rode in a pet carrier under the seat with us and did just fine!! I was worried how she'd cope but we worked with her in the pet carrier for months before we left and all went well.


Thanks for your inquiry. I am happy to update you regarding Flower's new life!


- Family: Dianne


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