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Lovely Jet
Friday, 12 August 2011

I am sooooo happy that you are asking about Jet. We have been remiss about keeping somebody updated. I can't find the words to tell you how happy we are with Jet, and yes, Jet is still his name. He is absolutely the best dog we have ever had and we have been dog lovers for a very long time. We constantly are puzzled why he was in the shelter for so long. He is sweet, smart, protective, attentive, and so easy to love. He looks at us with those mournful big eyes and melts our hearts.


We had heard that someone adopted him and brought him back because he was climbing on the kitchen counters. He did eat the contents of my lunch bag early on when I forgot it on the counter and left for work. That was my fault and you simply baby-proof and teach. He does not do that any more. Whoever returned him made a huge mistake, but actually we are glad because he was meant to be in our family.


He gets along fabulously with our other terriers - Hattye (jack russell) and Pickle (rat terrier). All sleep on the bed with us. Pickle did not let him on the bed at first, but now they are the best of buds and sleep together. We love to see how he burrows under the blanket and works the blanket with his mouth, then falls asleep with the blanket still in his mouth. We love all our pets, but Jet holds that special little place and he makes us laugh so much! He is such a lap dog. Terriers can be hyper, but if you ever wanted a great lap dog, Jet fits the bill. At the same time, Jet is the first one jumping up and down at the door at the sight of his walking halter and leash. He is a wonderful animal and we can't thank you enough for allowing him to be our baby.


All shots are up to date, he goes to the vet for his manicures, all 3 play in the spray of the hose on bath day -- hilarious! We'll try to get a picture of him to you. HE'S GREAT!


- Family: Anthony


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