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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hi Dog n' Kitty City,

As you may recall, I am the crazy guy that came all the way from California to adopt "Lovely," during the February 2010 snow storm no less. What a great story it has been to share. I can tell you that we have absolutely no regrets, she has been a wonderful dog and a great addition to the family. We must admit that we did change her name to "Josey" but that was the only thing that we thought needed to be changed.


From the very start she was very very sweet, very smart and eager to learn. Within a week she was already house trained, knew how to sit, stay and lay down. Amazing. She has added roll-over, shake and play dead to her list of tricks over the last 6 months. She plays with our other dog, Sparky, on a regular basis (see picture) and they have become great friends. We have also kept her busy with Doggy Day Care once or twice a week as well as trips to Lake Tahoe and the American River this Summer.


We were very fortunate to end up with such a good dog, really a much better dog than we could have anticipated. Thank you and all of the volunteers at Dog n' Kitty City for all that you do. You are all very special. You were very thorough in vetting me out and making sure that "Lovely" was going to a good home and it is clear that all of the dogs there are treated very well while waiting to be adopted. I look forward to stopping by next time I'm in Dallas.


Best regards,


- Family: Eric


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