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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Charlie is really doing well. He slept the entire night and never cried or anything. I have a nice open-type crate with a pillow and blanket in it, and I had him facing Scooter's bed. He slept like a baby. He's been napping a lot today as well. It's nice and quiet in the house. Sometimes I play soft music, other times we have the TV on quietly. He lays on the chairs or in Steve's lap. He loves Steve. Scooter has been having a good time with him too. Charlie jumps like a gazelle when he's out in the yard. We don't leave him and Scooter out there. We stay outside with them. The pool made us nervous when Scooter accidentally bumped him in. And then he bumped Scooter in the hot tub. My son was in the pool and jumped over to grab Charlie and help guide him to the stairs. He was a little panicked. But he goes right back to the stop and sits in the pool. So we are watching both of them closely.


Today I went to Pets Mart and got a little charm made to put on his collar. I bought him a halter for walking and some chew toys. My neighbor gave me a feeding bowl set. Scooter also lets him go to her bowl and eat without getting upset. That amazed us.


He's had two walks already and a third one now this evening, when the sun quits beating down on us. He did very well. Sometimes he would stop and I'd have to coax him to continue walking. It's like he thought I was going to take him somewhere he didn't want to go. Soon he'll realize this is fun time for him and Scooter.


He didn't like my neighbor's dog when we were all sitting out front on their lawn. My neighbor put her little collie on leash and I had Charlie on leash. But Charlie went after Lacy. She's such a timid dog. So we decided to leave it alone. Soon he'll hear Lacy barking and see her more often from the gate, and maybe he will be friendly to Lacy. Scooter goes over their all the time to play with Lacy. I think little Charlie just has so much to absorb. We have to introduce things little by little to him. We're patient.


We are really enjoying Charlie a lot! I'm so glad you chose us for Charlie!


- Family: Jane


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