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Charlie Update
Saturday, 15 September 2012



I thought I'd update you on Charlie. He is doing fabulous. We love him to pieces. He is full time entertainment for our household. We just smother him with love. My son tells us that we are overboard with the constant attention we pay him. But then my son is always calling Charlie to come be with him and does the same thing! None of us can help it. He is the most darling dog ever. His expressions will melt you. He has so many looks he gives you and every one of them is so funny!


Recently we had 4 young men come stay at the house who were here for the Alabama/Michigan game. We were very nervous about Charlie biting them. We warned them upfront. All 4 guys love dogs and when they arrived, we had Charlie crated. As soon as we let him out, he was wagging his tail and wanted pets and attention from all of them. There was one guy in particular that he just loved. The whole weekend was focused on Charlie. He had them all laughing. Scooter and Charlie wrestle all the time and they thought it was hysterical. Both dogs got tons of attention from the guys. It went well. I think Charlie has finally realized that people he doesn't know who walk into our home aren't always a threat to him.


I know Charlie would be a great animal actor. He is so trainable, is funny as can be, and has a face the camera would love. When he's tired now, he jumps up onto our bed and snuggles in the middle under the pillows and hopes we'll leave him all night (which we don't---we crate him in our room). He's a snuggler. We do have to keep watching him for marking my dining room rug. He just doesn't want to give that up, although we tell him no and put him outside for a bit. So to avoid it, we just close the doors to the dining room and don't let him roam. Sooner or later he'll quit trying. No big deal to us.


He loves his two walks everyday. He's met new dogs on his walks and is very sociable with them. He listens very well to me on the walks.


We just couldn't have picked a dog that is more perfect than our Charlie as a pal for Scooter. He's a keeper. Just know he's loved a lot and thank you for choosing our family for him. It was a perfect fit. Charlie definitely wants to be a part of our "pack."


P.S. We are very careful about giving BOTH dogs equal attention!


- Family: Jane


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