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Junior's New Home
Thursday, 25 October 2012

I have attached a pdf of pictures to give you an idea of the living accommodations we have set up for Junior.


Junior has assimilated very well to our surprise rather quickly. It seems as if he had been house trained prior to his stay at the shelter...? He didn't seem out of place as soon as we got home. He roamed around out of curiosity and after his initial inspection he plopped himself on his couch pad and took a nap. He seems to know not to urinate/defecate inside the house. He motions towards the door and waits until we take him out to take care of business. He demonstrates control even during the work week. We have been laying pads out under his bed and throughout the walk space in the case he needed to urinate/defecate, but he hasn't done so at all.


His disposition is very calm. The only time he barked or whined is the first morning when I left first for work. After that morning, he hasn't barked or whined at all inside our home. He has taken a great liking to me and follows me around like a shadow. :)


His interaction with our son is minimal. We our training our son never to touch Junior's face or tail and are teaching him to pet him on the back gently. We are also teaching him never to approach Junior while Junior is snacking or eating. Other than a few times our son wants to pet Junior out of delight throughout the day, they usually leave each other alone for the majority of the time. Junior hasn't exhibited any aggression.


We are enjoying Junior immensely and it seems as if Junior is happy and feels right at home. Out of our commitment to our family, we continue to maintain a guard to ensure our son is protected at all times.


- Family: The Lees


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