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Thursday, 25 October 2012

October 17: Everything is going very very well with Dewey. We have just had one small accident in the house on the first night, but very very minor. Otherwise, he has been a rock star at holdling it in and waiting. He is doing very well with the crate, and no barking or whining.


He has some little idiosyncrasies, like most animals, that are both entertaining and unexpected. For example, he will bite down on his bed and "knead" it with his front paws at the same time. He doesn't chew it, just holds it in his mouth. Something Chris has only seen little kittens do. I think it might be due to all of the change and new surroundings.


He has tons of fun playing with Mercedes and can hold his own. They're getting along great. Although he has his own bed, he has begun laying with Mercedes in hers. He likes the company.


For the first night, he was humping his new bed a lot. But since then, I think it has slowed down.




October 19: Well everything is still going well. Only the one accident from day one. Humping is subsiding as well. He's now getting used to me since I have been gone since Chris got him, but Dewey is doing just great.


We have noticed that he is terrified of heights, and will not do stairs. When we open the kitchen door, he shoves himself against the door to avoid the edge of the balcony. And when I carry him down the stairs he shakes hard.


I have a theory. I remember from his little bio that it said someone had thrown him over the fence and abandoned him. I think when he gets up high, or near the balcony that looks down onto the ground, it reminds him of being thrown over and falling on the other side of the fence. I think it makes total sense, and just reminds him of when he was abandoned. Makes me sad, but that's the only thing I could think of.


Anyway, we're very happy.


- Family: Paul


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