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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wolfie (formerly Kendrick) is doing great! He is getting so big! It's amazing to think that a few months ago he was so small we could pick him up with one hand, now he is practically all grown up! Right now his favorite thing is to watch the birds outside. When we open our curtains and blinds he will sit at the window for hours and watch them. He is also super smart. He knows when it is time to get up, and was my alarm clock about a month ago when our power went out during the night. I woke up about ten minutes after my alarm should have gone off because Wolfie was pawing at me and meowing. I figure he woke me up because he knew it was breakfast time and he was hungry, but even so, he kept me from being late to work!


I attached a couple of picture of him (he let me put the Halloween sweater on him long enough for the picture and then he decided he had enough, lol!).


- Family: Rebecca


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