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Friday, 16 November 2012

We adopted Ozzie 2 months ago and he quickly became part of the family. We really appreciate the advice we received from everyone at the shelter. You knew the temperaments of the different dogs so well, and helped up pick one who would get along with our older dog, be a great playmate for our teenagers and fit our lifestyle. Ozzie learned the rules of the house so quickly I was amazed. Maybe because we are used to new puppies, and this is the first time we adopted a slightly older dog. I will definitely do so again! He walks well on a leash, sits, stays and fetches. He loves to chew, but has never touched any of the socks or tennis shoes that always seem to litter our floor. After discovering he can destroy a stuffed toy in minutes, we became big fans of the Kong toys. He can also peel the yellow fuzz off a tennis ball with great skill, but we still give him those from time to time, he loves them so much…


It took Ozzie a little longer to feel comfortable outside of our home. At first he was scared of cars and strange people and very quiet on our walks. Now he explores the neighborhood with confidence, searching for new sights and smells. He does not seem to know he is a small dog, and will bark at any dog that comes too close, even ones that are triple his size. We are working on better manners, but secretly love his spirit and his drive to protect his new family. I am attaching photos so you can see how well he has settled in. Thanks so much for trusting us with Ozzie, and for the work you do every day giving dogs a second chance!


- Family: Susan, Julio, Laura, and Danny


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