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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Attached are 2 pictures of my kitty I adopted I think 3 years ago. You named her Felicity, she came into the shelter via a vet office, she was young and preggers. Gave birth at the shelter, had 5 kittens, but then discovered she had large scar tissue built up in her intestine. She had to have surgery to remove it and I brought her home at a whopping 4 pds. She had lost a lot of weight from not eatting etc. I took her in as a foster and you told me to fatten her up! Poor thing she was getting over ringworm, URI, and surgery... Well I ended up adopting her of course.


Here is a picture of her and my other tabby Mr. Kittay... they are like husband/wife (she is on the right of the pic). She is a very beautiful super sweet loyal kitty! She's sleeping right now but she told me to tell you THANKS for all you did for her. We call her Pooky Pie aka. Pooks.


Have a great Christmas!!!


- Family: Lori


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