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Charlie Loves Routine
Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I thought I would just let you know that Charlie is doing fantastic. He has finally quit biting us. I think he realizes he's safe and secure with us. He still has not stopped nipping at others though. We are working on that as well. We think that's the chihuahua in him.


He has made tons of dog friends, and their owners. He is like a 2-year old kid. He is constantly having to "do" something. Either flipping his stuffed football around and playing football by himself or ripping apart one of his animal toys. He bounces around the house. He runs and plays outside a lot. He's just a joy to have around. Never a dull moment with him. He loves routine. He knows exactly when we get up; he knows exactly that he has to go out first thing; he knows how to sit on his blanket on the chair with Scooter while we drink coffee; he knows when it's walk time; he knows when I walk in the door.....he is so precise on everything.


He is very smart. You tell him once and he gets it. He is spoiled rotten of course. He loves his treats. He never misses an opportunity to have a treat. He eats well, he's healthy, happy and just plain loveable. We are so glad we have him in our family! I think he is too!




- Family: Jane


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