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Captain Coconut and Major Marshmallow
Sunday, 28 April 2013



Almost 2 years ago, I adopted Able (now Captain Coconut) and Payton (now Major Marshmallow). I thought I would send you all an update and let you know how great they are doing.


Coconut was an ornery little guy, and while he still retains some of that, he has come to crave human attention. I often find him sitting on my chest in the morning when I wake up, just waiting for me to scratch his ears.


Marshmallow was a sweetheart from the beginning. He was a little insecure at first and would whine and cry when I left the room for even a moment. He’s still a bit of a mama’s boy, but is independent enough that he even uses the doggie door to let himself out now! (Coconut still finds the flap a little too scary.) He has grown a lot, from 8 pounds when I adopted him to 14 pounds now. Mostly ears.


I wanted to thank you all for helping me find my two little canine soulmates. They are happy and healthy and wanted me to tell you all “HELLO!” I’ve attached recent pictures of them for your enjoyment.


- Family: Tracy


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