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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dewey is doing very well. We went to the vet today to get his rabies shot and all other tests/annual items. Also got his preventative (the three in one). He was a little nervous but did very well there.


He has been so well behaved, always waits to go outside. Hasn't been barking or being fidgety in his crate. We've been visiting a great dog park in Deep Ellum and he started making some friends there, running in a pack and socializing a lot.


... Ha, and that email was just sent by Dewey. I was writing it on my phone and while he was leaning up against my arm on the couch he decided to yawn/stretch and hit send! He's been doing the kneading/gnawing a lot less. Sometimes he'll run around and play with his toys then lay down on his bed and do that for a minute while he rests. But every day a little less.


He's getting on a steady schedule of eating/going out and treats in his crate. The vet had good feedback and he seems to be getting very comfortable. He's giving out lots of kisses and snuggling with friends. Oh and he's loving car rides!


- Family: Luis


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