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Patches Is Doing Great
Monday, 29 July 2013

Patches [formerly Simon] is doing great, loving life and being spoiled (pics attached!). We finally found out what the main issue was and you were right: he has Demodectic Mange. All of the issues we’ve had so far:

  • Allergies -- Allergies are forever but he’s on Benadryl twice a day and I take him for an injection (cant remember what its called) if it gets too bad
  • Worms -- This was cured with the injection/medication
  • Blade of grass stuck in his foot so we had to have a tiny procedure to get it out. -- It was lodged between his toes and they had to fetch it out since it wouldn’t come out on its own. The hard tops of wheat grass is what it is, we don’t have anything like that around here so he’s had it for quite some time now, poor guy! He is feeling much better now that it’s out.
  • Low Thyroid -- He takes a Thyroid pill twice daily
  • Separation anxiety -- I work from home now and he basically sleeps next to me all day and LOVES car rides so I take him to the dog park and my family’s house often. He gets along well with kids as well as any other dog.
  • Mange -- This will be a lifetime issue unfortunately. I give him natural treatments and so far, the results have been great! After the next two doses, we should be at a comfortable level that I’ll only have to give him treatments once every couple of months when the mites come back.
  • Hatred for crates -- He has beds all over the apartment. One in my car, one next to my work area and a HUGE one he sleeps in. I bought the big one from Costco and truly didn’t realize how big it is LOL.


He is my little money pit but I wouldn’t trade him for any other animal. He is loving, loyal, very happy and the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning.


I hope you enjoyed this update, I’ll send another one in a few months. Once we get the mange under control, he’ll be able to have longer hair. I keep it short now so the product (Mite Avenge from Happy Dog Naturals is the product) can get to his skin. I don’t use the chemical dips because of what’s in them and this is working just as good!




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