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Alfee's Car-Stopping Cuteness
Monday, 26 August 2013

Alfee settled in pretty quickly, and we continue to make adjustments as we go. Bill has been particularly intuitive with the nervous little guy. For instance, after a month here, Alfee was still having accidents in the house until Bill suggested we move his bed to the hall outside our bedroom where he can be near us (he's never wanted to sleep with us, although he gets up in bed with us all the time in the morning, or during big storms at night) and the accidents stopped completely! He adores Bill, as you can see from the picture.


Alfee and I walk early every morning and he loves it. He is so cute that people literally stop in their cars to comment on him, and when people ask where we got him, we always tell them about DNKC and what a great job you all do there.


He seems to be very attached to us and his new home and barks at anyone that comes over-a few people he has gotten to know and is ok with. We still have to greet him only verbally when we return home or he will pee. Things like that we have adjusted to. He is more used to our coming and going. He is established at Dr. Carroll's clinic and Natalie always remembers Alfee.


Alfee spent almost a week with my sister and her husband and two dogs, Atticus and Scout, and he loves his new cousins. They live a couple of miles away and we go for visits.


Thank you for checking on Alfee. He seems to be very happy here.


- Family: Dena and Bill


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