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Bonnie's Treasures
Monday, 30 December 2013

Bonnie [formerly Beasley] is doing very well! She now sees a dermatological specialist. It turns out that her mange and infections were linked to environmental allergies, which caused dermatitis and made Bonnie more prone to everything else. She has been treated, she no longer itches at all, and her fur has come back in. She is (and always was) such a beautiful girl, inside and out. We've attached a picture of her now, and one of her and Bruce (our favorite).


We are beginning to believe that she is part retriever. She picks up sticks on our walks and carries them home. We call them her little "treasures."


Bruce and her are the best of friends now! They play together and nap together and really enjoy each others' company. He's become very affectionate towards her - even protective. And like a typical little sister, she follows him around and is always asking him to play.


We are so thankful to DKC for the opportunity to have Bonnie in our lives. She was a true diamond in the rough. She's affectionate, friendly and always happy, and brings a lot of joy to our family. We hope that she feels the same about us!


Happy Holidays to DKC!


Best regards,


- Family: Priya and Thomas


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